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Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash *Review & Giveaway*


Purex Tropical Splash

A Tropical Splash In Your Laundry !

Oh,wow ! I was greeted at my doorstep the other by a brown box.It said “Bonnie from Zooka Creative”.I flipped the box over and it was my Purex Natural Elements !

I have been waiting and wanting to try this new scent ever since I read about it in our Purex blog ! I went inside and gathered up a load of laundry so that I could start the clean scent test .

After getting the laundry ready,I opened the box and then unscrewed the bottle cap to take a sniff of the new scent . It smelled heavenly ! It is truly a tropical splash scent.It reminds me of a fruity cocktail that I had not so long ago,but DO NOT DRINK it ! It is not for consumption…only for washing your clothes and getting clean and smell goody! ┬áThe new Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash also has “dirt lift action” to it,so even your dirtiest clothes can be completely clean after just one wash ! I almost can’t wait to get some ground in ,red dirt stained clothing thrown at me to clean (ALMOST) !

washing temperature
I always wash in cold water.It saves on energy and helps lower bills !


Purex Natural Elements ... Tropical Splash
Purex Natural Elements … Tropical Splash

My load of laundry was not so dirty ,so I can’t really show you well the new Purex with “dirt lift action” can work for you.But I do have a few FREE PRODUCT coupons up for grabs in a giveaway ,so now you can see for yourself how well it works and how wonderful the scent is . Just enter below and hopefully ,you will be one of 2 lucky winners of a bottle of Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash ! Good Luck !!