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Have You Heard About The Remington Electric Foil Shavers?

Testing Out New Shavers!

Shavers. Most of use them. Whether it be for our facial hair grooming, leg shaving, underarms, or our unmentionables… at least once in our lives, shaving happens. Personally, I don’t like to shave as much as I did when I was younger. But, I still do. Which is why I agreed to try this new product.
  The product I am speaking of is the Remington Sensitive Electric Foil Shaver, SF4880 series. When I first received it, I couldn’t tell if it was for a man or woman. But, I liked the color scheme of it anyway (I’m thinking it’s aimed towards men). From the description on the box, it gives a “clean, sensitive shave”. So, that means this particular series is made for people with sensitive skin.  It also claims to have “ComfortHybrid Technology”.  I can’t tell you what that means except for that the box says this about it:
  • It’s designed to help reduce irritation
  • It cuts hair at OR above skin surface to help reduce irritation & ingrown hairs.

Some Tidbits

The shaver itself has an aloe vera comfort bar on it. Honestly, it looks like a simple rubber strip in the middle of the razor to me. Apparently, the rubber strip is “infused” with the aloe in it. There’s also a pop up trimmer… in case you want or need to trim things like your sideburns or want to make a design in your hair. The shaver is washable and is powered by a lithium battery that has a run time of 45 minutes straight. And, you can use the Remington either with or without its cord…how nice is that?!


The Ultimate Experience

Remington Sensitive Electric Foil Shaver, SF4880

Aloe Vera Comfort Bar

The trimmer head features a moisturizing strip that’s infused with aloe to soothe skin during shaving for the ultimate comfort.

Lithium Power Battery

The rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of cordless runtime, and achieves a full charge in just 90 minutes.

Lift & Guide Combs

The combs sit just outside the foils to lift low-lying hairs and guide them into the trimmer blades, helping to reduce the need for multiple passes over the same spot.

Skin-Friendly Pop-Up Trimmer

Detail sideburns and facial hair using the skin-friendly trimmer, which stores conveniently on the back of the trimmer.

How Did It Work For Me?

I tried to use the shaver on myself, but legs just didn’t have enough on them to show a clear difference. So, I used a guinea pig, instead. The photos below show the leg of my male model/participant. HE has hairy legs, so I choose to shave a small section of his leg to show the results. We only did one pass of the shaver on his leg. As you can see, even with one pass, the Remington was well on its way to clearing out the chosen patch of of hair. I would say that this shaver would be a good choice to have a new replacement for your old shavers. A video of how the Remington works will be on my Official YouTube page later. But for now, if you’re interested in buying one, you can find it here for only $24.

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