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Review – 2B: Pure & Simple !

Have you ever heard of Monk Fruit ? Ever heard of an Aloe infused juice ? Well,today, I want to talk to you about one beverage that is exactly that. It’s called 2B Drinks , and it’s distributed by Pepsi Cola Bottling Company. It’s a new ALL NATURAL  beverage that is naturally sweetened by Pure Monk Fruit and is also infused by Aloe. The people from 2B offered me an opportunity to try out their drink and,at a mere 20 calories a bottle,I decided to accept .

*Disclaimer- I was given free product from 2B Drinks in exchange for my honest opinion on their beverage*

My Tasting Journey Begins

2B Drinks

When my review package was sent to me, it was a case that included a couple of bottles each of 2B’s flavored drinks. Very enticing ,yummy sounding flavors,too,might I add. The flavors included Fruit Punch, Classic Lemonade,Coconut Passion,Grape,and Tropical Fruit.I decided to chill one of each bottle and do a tasting of all of them.I started with Classic Lemonade.

2B drinks variety

First off… don’t expect a huge burst of flavor from these drinks. That was my mistake. I was expecting a punch of lemonade flavor like I get with most other beverages that have the word “lemonade” attached to them. With this particular drink, it was a very subtle flavor of lemonade. To me ,it even seemed to remind me of green tea. I don’t know… it just didn’t taste like lemonade to me. On to the next flavor – Grape !

I tried the grape 2B drink and I was surprised.It really does like a grape drink,and it is not over powering at all. Contrary to wanting a big pop of flavor with the lemonade,I really enjoyed the grape flavor.It was still a lot less intense than most grape flavored drinks that are out on the market right now. But,keep in mind… these drinks are ALL NATURAL, so they will be a little less intense in flavor. All Natural ingredients means a better and healthier you and I .

*Quick Fact – 2B Drinks are approved and Sold by the NYC Department Of Education*

That fact right there should mean that it is a drink that schools would be okay with being packed in school lunches,and that could cut down on your child’s sugar intake… which is a huge plus in the healthy eating category !

I also tried the other remaining flavors included in my review package . The flavors were (including a brief description)-

Fruit Punch – This ,to me,was a little too watered down. It has a fruity taste to it,but not enough for me.I do feel that for younger kids,though, this would be a great beverage for anytime.

Tropical Fruit – I came to the same conclusion as the Fruit Punch. However, it has a slightly stronger flavor to it.I would prefer the Tropical Fruit over the Fruit Punch 2 B drink .

Coconut Passion-  I actually was looking forward to drinking this one.I am a huge fan of coconut waters and I drink them on many occasions.On first taste with the 2B Coconut Passion, I immediately tasted the coconut in the drink.It was refreshing and quite tasty. I would recommend that this flavor and all 2B drinks be chilled before drinking ; the coolness helps the flavors come through more, in my opinion.

If you are interested in trying/purchasing any of the 2B drink products, you can find them by visiting here . I hope that you have enjoyed my review of 2B Drinks …. please feel free to leave comments below !!