5 Tips In Rewarding Your Sports Team In The Modern Era

Rewarding Your Team

Motivation is an important part of every organization or group. Teamwork, skills, commitment, and determination is a must in order to make the group work to achieve its goals. But before someone can be compelled for teamwork, commitment, and other things, the person needs the motivation to push through. With proper motivation, even the unexpected groups will be able to achieve the goal.

This is also true in any sports teams. In order to win the matches and practice harder, the athletes must have the motivation to win the matches. A team with unmotivated players will perform poorly against a motivated team even if they have greater skills or other advantages. Even if the odds are not on their favor, a team with motivated players will do anything to win.

After a season is finished, whether your team won or not, rewarding your team is the way to go. Of course, it would be a whole different level of awesomeness if the team manages to pull it off and became the champions. However, in order to recognize all the commitment, effort, sacrifices, and motivation from your team, it would be worth it to reward the members. Not only will it deepen your bond with them, but they will also be inspired to get better next time. Here are five ways to reward your players after a rough season.

1. Recognize individual as well as team greatness

Recognizing the team’s an individual’s weaknesses is a must every season. This will inform the team on where they would need to improve for the next season. However, recognizing individual and team strength is a way to reward your team. Being recognized is a reward that positively affects someone. The effect would be more positive if the athlete is being recognized in front of the team.

There are a lot of ways to recognize the greatness of the team. If you have the money for it, customized trophies and awards such as the “Star Performer” awards or “Sports Awards” is a way to go. The effect would even be better if the coach will give a more memorable award such as “The Improvement Award” or the “Team player Award”. Custom trophy sites like exists for such purpose.

2. Treat them to a training camp

This method will let the athletes relax, and at the same time, get ready for the next season. Traveling and seeing new things is always an effective way to recharge the spirit of anyone. This is also true when it comes to training in a different place.

3. Always remind them that what matters most is the improvement

Always remind the athletes that joining a sport is not only for winning the current season. What matters is the improvement that happened to players’ life, either physically or mentally. This might also lift the gloomy feeling after a major defeat. Telling your team that there are always next time will be motivational for them to keep striving to improve and win the next season.

4. Food is always a good option

Whether the team wins or loses, a bond will still be made between the players and the coach. There is no better way to celebrate that bond other than sharing food and having a good time. The coach can let his team make the decision as to where they wanted to eat out. As a perk, the team members can also choose what type of food they want to eat.

5. A small thank you note is thoughtful

And last but not least is to say thank you for the team’s efforts and motivation throughout the season. A small note would be fine. Thanking everyone individually will also have a stronger effect on the individual. Saying thank you to the team is a rewarding experience. Times like this will help the member embrace his role in the team and keep improving.

Being a coach is a hard job. But in order for a team to work, the coach should also embrace his or her role as a part of the team. He is also one of the cogs and wheels, not only the players who go to the field. If the team members feel rewarded, they will also feel motivated. Motivated team members are the best players in the world.