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Try A New Jewelry Style With This Box! #SubscriptionBoxAddiction

About RocksBox

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Rocksbox is a jewelry membership service that exists to make your life easier and more stylish. For only $21/month, treat yourself by trying 3 pieces of jewelry at a time with free shipping both ways! Each piece in your box (3 at a time) is hand-selected for you based on your style and specific requests. Wear your pieces as much as you want! If you decide you love them, keep them and pay the price for each piece you want. If trying them on was enough, simply box up the pieces and then ship them back to the company. It’s that simple! Oh yah… the $21 monthly fee is credited to whatever pieces you decide to buy!

 I Tried It

 So… I actually subscribe to Rocksbox. Yep. I admit that I have paused my membership on occasion, but that’s what makes the box so easy to love. I started my membership up again in the month of June, and I figured I could share some of the info and pretty items that were delivered with you. You know…just in case you wanted to join. Here’s what I got in my 1st box:
This below was my second RocksBox:
 What do you think about the pieces I got in my box? I think they were nice. They were things that I had put in my “Want” list, and my Rocksbox shopper found them and sent them to me! The thing I like about the subscription box service is that I don’t have to buy any of the items. They are a “Try Before You Buy” service, so you get to wear the items before you purchase them. It also gives you some time to see which style works for you. If you like the jewelry, buy it. If not, send it back and wait for your next box.. pretty simple.

 Try It Yourself

  If you would like to try a Rocksbox for yourself, visit the site here. And if you use my special code –TRICIASLISTXOXO– , you can get a FREE MONTH of Rocksbox goodies to try. Just remember that you need to send back items (they give you a return shipping label and everything) if you are not buying anything.
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