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Dust Bunnies, Beware! This Vacuum Will Find Ya!

Does It Work? The Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum

Who likes having a clean house, but hates being the one to clean it? Let me be the first person to raise my hand. When it comes to my home, I want it to always look presentable and clean. I actually would love my house to be decorated like one of the homes in “Better Homes & Gardens”, but I don’t have materials to do that as of yet (hint to you home decor companies who’d like to work with me). So, I keep it smelling nice with my Bath & Body candles and clean by sweeping, mopping, and trying to keep my Corgi’s hair away.

Years ago, my hubby let me get a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Actually, he didn’t “let me” get one… I kinda just bought it without telling him (honey, we are not gonna discuss what happened for doing that,lol). For a long time, I enjoyed my Kirby. Then, I began to dislike it. It’s was so heavy, clunky, and bulky. And the accessories I had for it… I never used. *Sad Panda Face*. But guess what? After 14 years of lugging around my Kirby, I got a new vacuum. I got a Shark!

  Shark Rocket Complete

shark rocket vacuum 

Soooo… Shark/Ninja graced me with one of their vacuums. I now am the proud owner of a Shark Rocket With DuoClean Technology!

The Shark® Rocket® with DuoCleanTechnology has two brushrolls working in unison to remove large, small and stuck-on particles from carpets and floors – that’s Triple Particle Cleaning. It easily converts to a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.


Shark® Rocket®
with DuoClean

This Shark package includes:

  • Shark® Rocket®
    vacuum with DuoClean
  • Dusting Brush
  • 12” Crevice Tool
  • Pet Upholstery Tool
  • On-Board Tool Clip
  • Wall Mount
  • 30’ Cord


It Looks Nice. But How Does It Work?

The new Shark Rocket Complete is small, lightweight, versatile, and powerful. And when I say powerful, I friggin’ mean it! My first time using my new Shark Rocket made me feel like I totally sucked at keeping my house clean. I cleaned my stairs for 10 minutes, and vacuumed up enough hair to knit a sweater! Simply amazed. I thought that for sure my old vacuum was doing a good job at cleaning, but NOPE… not at all. The Shark Rocket, sucked up so much hair and dirt… it was ridonculous! I mean, look at a photo of this stuff that was picked up from my stairs… and no, none of the photos I’m sharing here are altered.

shark rocket vacuum cleaner attacks dirt and dust

I have to say, I really enjoy using my new Shark. You could even say that cleaning my house has become a fun thing that I look forward to doing. At least the vacuum part,lol. I’ve no problem grabbing this vacuum and cleaning upstairs, downstairs, the carpet, my fabric sofas… everything. And the Shark leaves my sofas looking darn near brand new… I love it!

If you have ever thought about replacing your old vacuum or if you’re deciding that regular broom sweeping isn;t cutting it anymore, the Shark Rocket with Duoclean just may be the thing you’re looking for. As always …Thanks for reading!

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