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4 New Smart Technologies We’re Excited to See in Our Homes

These 4 New Smart Tech Items Are Made For Homes

Almost every day, we’re exposed to technologies some could never have imagined were capable of existing a few years ago. The technology “renaissance” has made our lives easier, offering us new ways to change our lifestyles for the better. A lot of people are interested in smart homes. and science and technology are in sync with their desires. Here are a number of technologies you can consider introducing to your home for smarter living.

Smart Kitchen

Urbaneer co-developed the first commercially available smart kitchen with the Wireless Power Consortium. The Michigan-based company wanted to offer a way for people to fully utilize their kitchen space without any clutter and mess. Moreover, depending on what you need, the kitchen countertops can become either cooking surfaces or free counter space for more efficiency, enabling even the busiest individuals to work and cook at the same time.

As the kitchen is wireless, the number of wires and cords are reduced, especially near the sink area. The basic kitchen appliances can be charged right on the countertops – you can even run a kettle on the counter. Smart kitchens are awesome if you wish for efficient mobility, less clutter in the kitchen, and a streamlined room. Your kitchen will look like it came straight from a science fiction movie!

The Power of Alexa

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The Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, is a virtual assistant device and Bluetooth speaker that’s capable of performing a variety of tasks. This modern gadget is very popular, especially in the U.S. Alexa is capable of voice interaction and can stream podcasts and music, make to-do lists, set alarms and reminders, create Amazon shopping lists, provide weather and traffic information, answer questions you might have, and more.

The Echo can be “awoken” with a specific word (usually Alexa, but the wake word can also be “Amazon,” “Echo,” or, in a nod to “Star Trek” fans, “Computer”). Users can also wake up Alexa with a button on the top of the device. Currently, Alexa is available in English, German and Japanese languages. The Echo can really help make you feel you
have an electronic assistant ready to offer any aid it possibly can.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Maintaining comfortable temperatures is easy and fun with a Wi-Fi thermostat. Opting for installation of such a thermostat in your home, such as the Cor ProgrammableThermostat, can save energy and reduce your energy bills by as much as 20 percent. You can use an app to monitor the temperature, and with just a touch, you can effectively change its settings. The thermostat automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature, and the screen even lights up whenever you are near the device for easy functionality.

BeOn Starter Pack

Proper lighting is important for every household, and BeOn smart bulbs take it to the next level. These bulbs will automatically turn on when your house’s doorbell is rung. They’ll even work when the power is out! Offering security, they will replay your normal lighting patterns to make it seem you’re at home even when you’re out. Consider some of these awesome new technologies to make your home smarter. These innovations won’t just make your life easier; they can also save money and provide security.

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