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Snacking Healthier This Year? Kitchfix Granola Is For You… Plus, A GIVEAWAY

Snacking Healthier This Year? Kitchfix Granola Is For You!

Living healthier this year, you say? I know a lot of people make the plans on doing so each year. Heck, I’m one of them!  Sometimes it can be really hard to steer away from the snacks and foods that helped to get your body in the not so healthy shape it’s in. Luckily, the food industry has gotten the memo, and they’ve been working hard to get us, the consumers, what we want. Good, TASTY food that is also good for us.

I’m an avid snacker, so I need lots of snacks in my life,lol. The Kitchfix brand has some yummy granola that you can eat by itself or with other things like yogurt, oatmeal, and even salads! Some facts about Kitchfix are below.

The KitchFix Story

Chef Josh, CEO
Chef Josh, CEO of KitchFix

“Kitchfix is committed to using the best, most flavorful ingredients, and raising the standard on healthy snacks.”

Chef Josh, CEO

Chef Josh wanted to develop a snack that his clients could always have on-hand when they were craving something delicious and filling. What he created was a snack full of all the best, nutritious parts of granola, like quality nuts and seeds, but which left out all the fillers.

What I think

I actually really enjoy the granola! It doesn’t bother me that it is grain free. In fact, I like that I can snack deliciously and healthy. The granola comes in 5 different flavor varieties, and they are sure to please. To a look here to see which flavors they have! I have photos of the granola I eat posted below, and you can see this has clusters of granola and not just little seeds and stuff. The honey pecan is currently my fave… but that my be because I have not been able to try the other 3 flavors,lol!

Win Some Yourself!

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