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Reduce,Reuse,Reycle … In Style !


I try to be “Green” as much as possible.One of the ways I do that is by using recyclable totes. I have a ton of them and sometimes, I forget to pack them all together for shopping.That’s the downside. 🙁  Now , I have found a new way to be green and not have so many totes to carry and remember. That new way is called “Snap Sac“.


“SnapSac™ is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a leading supplier of customized reusable bags for grocery and promotional uses.   At 1 Bag at a Time, Inc, they are committed to social, environmental, and economic responsibility.  They “strive to live our values every day, and bring you a tote bag that is fashionable and socially responsible, just like you!”

I had the awesome pleasure of reviewing one of the SnapSac totes,and I have to say … LOOOOVE IT ! I really do love this tote,too. It’s called the “Ain’t It Sweet SuperTote” ,and it is just the cutest tote ever !


Notice..I did not say the cutest LITTLE thing,ever. That’s because this tote is far from small.I thunk it can carry 2-3 of the normal plastic grocery bags of food,no problem. The “SuperTote” is quite stylish,too. In my opinion,you don’t have to use it just for grocery shopping;you can use it for so many other functions. For example,you can use the tote as a beach bag to carry your items and have them all in one super nice looking bag.OR,you could use the tote as a laundry bag,if you have a small load of laundry.Heck,you could even use the Ain’t It Sweet SuperTote to carry the detergent and fabric softeners. Another way you could use the totes would be as a baby/diaper bag. So you see,there are MANY ways to enjoy a SnapSac.

Why is it called a “Snapsac“? I think it’s named that because you can snap together the sides to keep the bag closed,AND you can fold the SnapSac up and the snap it shut so it doesn’t unfold. Check out the photo below to see what I mean :


See? The bag is folded,and the triangled part has a button that snaps together to keep the bag folded neatly. That same button is used to snap/hold the bag closed when the SuperTote is at is maximum size. What is the maximum size,you ask? Well,this bag ,when opened fully ,is a whopping 24”w x 16.5” h x 10” g (unfolded),and the Folded size is 8″w x 11″h x 1.25″ d. So you can see…it is a pretty big bag and it can handle a hefty job. The SuperTote itself is made with “not one but two layers of fabric for this 24” wide style, making it doubly strong. And the handles are stronger too, sewn invisibly to the bottom of the bag for heavy lifting.

front and folded
Photo credit – SnapSac.com


I love my SuperTote! I have used it many times when I got shopping for groceries and I use it when I go shopping over at Costco (when you buy in bulk ,it helps a lot). The following photo shows you how deep the Ain’t It Sweet SuperTote really is  :



I cannot express how satisfied I am with my SnapSac.I am really wanting to just go out and buy a set for myself and for other friends whom I know love to reuse their bags.If you are interested in trying out SnapSac for yourself you can visit their site at www.snapsac.com or you enter in our giveaway and win your very own SuperTote ! Enter below !

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