So Delicious – Is Dairy Free The Way To Be?



A New Way To Be Dairy Free

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Are you or someone you know lactose intolerant? Or maybe you are turning an new leaf or looking for way better way to get your nutrition other than from a cow? In any event, I have a suggestion for you. How about Coconut Milk?

I have to admit,the first time I heard of coconut milk,I was told that it was good as a laxative,so I steered clear of it.But now,coconut milk has a better reputation.And,it comes many different YUMMY forms to consume. I had the absolute pleasure of sharing the So Delicious brand of coconut milk with a my group of moms a week or so ago.It was a vast variety of products and they were provided to me by/from The package I received included coconut milk,coconut chocolate milk,and coconut milk creamer.Yes! All that variety from one source!How awesome is that?!

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The ladies loved some of the So Delicious products. The creamer for coffee was a hit,while the regular coconut milk was so-so,and the chocolate coconut milk..well…everyone loved it !! There were coupons included with the So Delicious kit,so I handed them to the ladies and hopefully,they went out and bought some yummy,nutritious drinks for their family to enjoy… I did. I actually found a So Delicious mint chocolate drink at my commissary and I thoroughly enjoy the product! And I use the creamer and the coconut milk every other day with my coffee and/or snack.



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The benefits of using coconut milk are comparable to those of regular milk. You can check here to see them. I do advise not to expect the So Delicious coconut milk to taste like ..because it won’t. It is an acquired taste,but the flavored types are really delicious. If you have any questions that would like to ask about coconut milk and the So Delicious brand,please feel free to ask me !

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