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Short Guide To Clean, Happy, Sober Living

6 Health Benefits to Living a Sober Life

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Over the years, alcoholism has been a prevalent cause of death, second to renown factors such as a poor dietary lifestyle and the use of tobacco. In the US alone, alcohol abuse has been associated with more 80,000 deaths. These  statistics alone are enough to clearly depict the implications related to liquor. Hence, calling for the need to embrace sobriety. Several key benefits associated with abating alcohol consumption and leading a sober life include;

  • Gateway to enormous health benefits

Apart from liver cirrhosis, alcoholism has been linked to more than 50 other health complications. Complications including dementia, nerve damage, and high blood pressure. With exposure to such a high number of health risks, sobriety will only abates the health risks associated with alcohol abuse.

  • Rejuvenating sleeping patterns hence mental vitality

As much as alcohol can help one fall asleep faster, the substance is associated with poor quality sleep. In fact, alcohol is linked to the deprivation of the quality of sleep needed for learning and memory formation. Furthermore, being a diuretic substance, alcohol is bound to interrupt your normal sleeping patterns. This is due to the frequent calls of nature you have to answer to empty your bladder. Consequently, quitting alcohol can be a better way to restoring more rejuvenating sleeping patterns that leave you with laser beam focus while awake.

  • It could be the beginning to more fulfilling social interactions

Despite being a driving factor to both desirable and unpleasant interactions in social occasions, alcohol is potentially harmful to more of your personal relationships. Specifically when it comes to family-based relations. Does alcohol makes you argue with your partner and let your kids or siblings lack a role model in you? If so, then it’s high time you consider how to quit drinking, lead a sober life, and subsequently strengthen your relationship ties, especially with family.

  • Heightened self-esteem

Low self-esteem is ranked among the leading factors that steer alcohol among other substance and drugs abuse. As a result of alcohol abuse, an individual may feel that he or she lacks personal stability, is incompetent or insignificant. Sometimes, one may feel like a generally bad person depending on how those around him or her perceive the addiction. This can consequently lead to low self-esteem. By leading a teetotal life, you can retract and steer your various responsibilities into more satisfactory accomplishments. This can boost your self-esteem.

  • Better dietary routines

According to research run by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people tend to overeat. Especially when they are looking forward to settling for drinks with even more calories to incorporate into their bodies. When large amounts of alcohol is consumed, the body consequently suffers malnutrition. By leading a sober and more responsible life, you will be keen enough on your dietary schedules. This helps to ensure that you only ingest what is useful to your body.  

  • More fulfilling life

In encapsulation, embracing sobriety comes with a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. All which result into a happier and more fulfilling life as you are at peace with both yourself and those around you.