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Want Healthy And Tasty Food Together? Try Soul Sprout

Soul Sprout – A Perfect Combination Of Healthy And Tasty Food & Snacks

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Living healthy. It can be a hard thing to do; Believe me, I know. Over the past 3 years I’ve been steadily trying to incorporate healthier choices in my and my family’s life. I really try to eat better snacks; That is the weakest point for me when it comes to healthy eating. It’s difficult sometimes because I struggle eating certain foods when the taste doesn’t satisfy me. Recently, I had an opportunity to try a different brand of food. The name is Soul Sprout (from “2 Moms In The Raw”) and they’ve got a line of sprouted products out on shelves that are all natural, raw, healthy, and pretty freakin’ tasty.

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What’s Sprouted Mean ?

When I first heard the term sprouted food, I was uninformed about it. Because of my lack of knowledge on the food process, I googled it, and then a flood of information came before me. So, “What does Sprouted mean”? In my layman’s terms it’s

Why Soul Sprout ?

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I chose to work with 2 Moms In The Raw and Soul Sprout for a couple of reasons. One, the company is truly focused on providing consumers both healthy and delicious food choices. The I think that the granola bars in their product line are amazing and so full of flavor; You could forget that these bars are actually healthy for you. Secondly, well… as I’ve said before in this post, they’re delicious. I tried to go the way of sprouted food 2 years ago, and I was just turned off by it. I suppose it was just me approaching the thought of being totally healthy in a not so favorable way. Oh come on; I know that some of you scrunch your nose when you think of eating healthy all the time,too. My third reason for liking this brand is pretty simple; My kids like it. That in itself gives me grounds to go and fill my snack shelf with a few boxes of these!

Soul Sprout has a variety of snacks to choose from. They have both sweet & savory crackers flavors, amazingly flavorful granola and nut bars, decadent truffles, and super delicious sprouted grain free cereals. Yup… they have a lot of foods to choose from and they are all wonderful on your taste buds! If you’re feeling like you need a change for the better, give them a try!!