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The App that’s Revolutionizing Music Across the Country

special guest
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Looking to Book A Gig?

If you’re looking to hire live entertainment for an event, there can be a lot of pressure to choose the right performer. To create the right atmosphere, whether it be for a wedding, club, fundraiser, or party, you want to pick a performer that will suit your entertainment needs. A new app called “Special Guest” is making this process much easier for both the customer and the performing artist to create a way for more people to experience the amazing feeling of enjoying entertainment from gifted performers around the country.

What IS “Special Guest?

Special Guest is a revolutionary app for the entertainment industry, which uses a two-sided marketplace business model similar to that of apps like Uber and Airbnb. Special Guest makes it easier for those looking for entertainment to match up with performers and artists for hire that can provide quality talent for their event or venue. No need to go through an agency, this app allows the customer and the performer to interact directly and skip the middleman entirely. Whether you’re looking for stand-up comedians in Los Angeles or bands in Philadelphia, Special Guest has something for everyone.

Who Is This For?

It can be hard for up-and-coming talent to get hired for paying gigs. There are so many talented musicians, comedians, DJs, and other types of performers that have a difficult time getting the word out there. Open mic nights just aren’t cutting it anymore – performers deserve to be compensated for sharing their talent with the world. Special Guest makes it easy for these individuals or groups to advertise themselves and match up with paying gigs that need their services. From public speakers to magicians, from singers to dancers, this app is for performers of all types to get the word out there and start getting clients who appreciate their skills and passions.

How Does This Help Me?

For the consumer, it can be quite the process to find the perfect performer for an event or venue. Clubs and bars often go with the same few artist that perform the same cover songs each night. Bringing new talent to your business can help boost business and create a more lively atmosphere, especially local artists who deserve the opportunity to showcase their work. Looking to hire a band for your wedding? Special Guest also offers listings for photographers, videographers, and officiants, so there’s no need to look any further for your big day.

How Does It Work?

Special Guest works the same way as apps like Tinder, except instead of looking for a hot date for Saturday night, you can look for a magician for your child’s birthday party or a band for your school’s prom night. Browse through the talent and filter by location to see who is looking for a gig near you. Special Guest has listings in over 20 states, and continues to expand as it gains popularity around the country. Created by the talented comedian and actor Damon Wayans, Jr. and entrepreneur and developer extraordinaire Kris Jones, you know you’re using a quality service that was created simply for the reason that more individuals should have the opportunity to be exposed to quality live performances.


So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to share your talents with the world, or you want to hire some first-rate performers to make your event a hit, Special Guest can help you make your dreams a reality.

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