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Having Trouble Getting To Sleep At Night? Try Suzy Snooze … A New Sleep Aid Device

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About Suzy Snooze

Suzy Snooze is an audio baby monitor that plays soothing music with soft warm animated LED lights to get your baby to sleep. A new breed of baby monitor that actively helps your child get to sleep. With a  soothing light and sound that create a comfortable and familiar environment  for your child. Suitable from birth and loved by older kids, Suzy helps children learn to settle themselves and teaches them to stay in bed.

Suzy Snooze provides the following features:

  • SOOTHING SOUNDS: A baby white noise machine with ambient sound maker and lullaby selection, our baby music soothers hush crying babies and help children go to sleep faster and stay asleep all night
  • NURSERY NIGHT LIGHT: The low-energy LED nightlight stays cool to the touch and emits a warm orange light that’s soft and comforting for children and helps produce essential hormones for sleeping
  • BABY MONITOR: A long-range HD audio baby monitor, it lets you listen in on your infant or toddler; if your kid wakes up, auto soothe cry detection changes Suzy to an amazing baby shusher for you
  • ALARM CLOCK: Suzy’s Wake Time feature tells energetic toddlers when it’s ok to wake up and get out of bed, serving as a cute light alarm clock for kids and helping you and your child sleep for longer
  • FREE SMARTPHONE APP: Suzy machines plug into an outlet and connect via WiFi; download the BleepBleeps app for iOS / Android and pair with your phone’s Bluetooth for control over a secure connection


Enter To WIN A New Suzy Snooze For Your Yourself!

Do you like what Suzy Snooze has to offer regarding a good night’s sleep? Would you like a chance to have one of your very own? If so, then enter our giveaway below! The giveaway is run by our sponsors, Review.Directory & Suzy Snooze, and is hosted by me, Tricia. This means that any winner(s) will be notified by the Sponsor and your prize will be sent to you from those Sponsors.


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