Framesi Biogenol Design Hair Spray Review & Giveaway

Beauty People !!! How Well Do You Know Your Hair Sprays ? I know that I lot of us color our hair. For some, it’s a necessity . For others, it’s a desire to change. And, for others still, it’s “just for fun”. Even so, when we dye our hair, we still use other hairs… Read More Framesi Biogenol Design Hair Spray Review & Giveaway


Age-Defying Retinol Serum

One of my favorite face products to use are serums. They work great as a stand alone and can add extra effectiveness to moisturizers. One of these serums I have had the opportunity to try for free is the InstaNatural’s Age-Defying Retinol Serum. InstaNatural’s Age-Defying Retinol Serum contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants and nutrients that… Read More Age-Defying Retinol Serum

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Rusk “Glue” : Keep Your Hair Style !

Have you ever spent over 10-15  minutes styling your hair to get it “just right”, and the you walk outside and the wind just ruins it? Ugh…that’s the worst ! All the work you had just did and for what? Sometimes, hair spray and/or regular hair gel doesn’t cut it. But now , there’s new… Read More Rusk “Glue” : Keep Your Hair Style !