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Why I Like My Tools4Wisdom Planner

Tools4Wisdom Planner- Do I Like It?

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Love my planner! I have been looking for one like this. It lets you leave detailed remarks and comments to remind you of duties and things that need to be completed. I use a calendar on my phone,but it is always a good choice to have what you need written on paper,too. The planner is also very well decorated in my opinion. I like that it is full of color and eye-catching.

When I first received the planner, I thought it was a simple notebook because of its lively design. You know..I am kinda used to a planner looking kinda “blah” and having a leather-like black or brown cover to it. Totally old school, I know. But seeing that the cover it appealing to the eye, I became more interested in not just using it, but keeping it around with me while I am not at home. Maybe its just me, but the regular planners I have used before just never screamed out , “take me with you” with its bold colors. I guess I’m just a visual person who likes to have bolder items around them.

The planner is just that… a planner. But one thing that I like about the Tools4Wisdom Planner is a feature that makes it standout from the rest; It has a daily motivator to it. The planner helps to remind you to set goals for the day, and not just enter in an appointment you may have upcoming. To me, that is a pretty awesome addition.

 Tools4Wisdom Planner Company Description


Deep within our subconscious lies a treasure of wisdom with a wealth of creative ideas waiting to be discovered. Planning while asking the right questions is the key to unlocking this treasure as we connect with our higher self. A Tools4Wisdom planner has been crafted for this purpose through question-driven planning and daily schedules that emphasize on the essential. Each planning page serves as a compass to plan on doing more of what we love – and less of the opposite. As a result, we plan ahead, yet own the now: We accomplish more, yet smell the roses.

  • July 2015 to June 2016 – With Monthly Tabs
  • ❶ Yearly Goals Planner – To Set 12-Month Goals
  • ❷ Monthly Planner and Calendar – For 30-Day Plans
  • ❸ Weekly & Daily Planner – To Accomplish Priorities
  • ❹ FREE 77+ Printable Planners For Customizing

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