TreatYoself ! 2 Sexy Ways To Do Something New For Yourself

TreatYoself ! 2 Sexy Ways To Do Something New For Yourself. Glamrose

Do you ever get so busy with life and the duties involved in it that you forget to do something nice for yourself? I do sometimes. Those are the days that I feel bad about myself and I think I look like complete a**. But I have a cure for the blues that works for me, and maybe it will work for you! You wanna know what it is? I’ll tell ya…. I dress up and put on something sexy! It doesn’t have to be something that anyone else can see… it’s something that is just for me, you know?

Brocade Print Halter Corset glamrose

For example, sometimes I like to wear pretty, lacy lingerie. It makes me feel ultra feminine and I feel good about myself. Especially if it wear a nice fitting push up bra. Let me tell you…when I get these “D’s” up and perky, no one can tell me that I don’t look good,LOL! One of the most fun sites I know to find my “girly things” is . They have some really nice corsets on their site. I especially love the Brocade Print Halter Corset; This is one that I would wear outside to a night time event out with friends. It’s super affordable, too… it’s only $27! The Glamrose site has so many choices when it comes to lingerie, whether it be for dress up, cosplay, or just hanging around at home with your jeans and T-shirt on. If you’re looking for something to treat yourself to, try them out!

I also like to go out and buy myself flowers or a small box of Godiva chocolate when I’m feeling down. There’s something about having something special and just for you that can make a not so good day, better.

So, that’s my way to stop the blues… what your favorite way to chase the blues away? Let me know in the comments below!

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