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Unicorn Gold – No More Stinky Booty Bathroom Odor!




It’s magical! Unicorn Gold is a ‘before-you-squat’ potty spray uniquely created by Squatty Potty. Just a few sprays of Unicorn Gold into the toilet bowl and that, skunky, putrid bathroom stench stays where it belongs – trapped deep below the surface of the toilet water.

Unicorn Gold fights the good fight on your behalf:

  • Toilet Tech: Non Toxic Formula includes real Gold nanoparticles combined with Essential Oils to trap odors below the surface of the toilet water
  • Available in five refreshing scents: Citrus Squeeze, Mystic Forest, Tropical Dropsicle, Fruity Booty & Pinch of Vanilla
  • Unicorn Gold magically turns your “business” into nothing more than a stroll to the end of a freshly-fallen rainbow.
  • Each bottle is good for around 400 / 200 trips to the porcelain throne (depending on size)

Does It Work?

I know some people out there are skeptical about spraying something in the toilet to keep the booty funk away, but for real people, it works. Trust and believe me. I have made some of my most favorite guys in my life use Unicorn Gold during their visits to the throne in my home, and while it didn’t completely decimate their atrocious cloud of doom, the spray helped keep the odor localized in the toilet…where it belongs.  I would highly recommend having a bottle or two of Unicorn Gold in home. And maybe keep one with you in your purse when you go out; you never know what is gonna come out of when the time comes. It happens to all of us… but you can be prepared now with Unicorn Gold from Squatty Potty!

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