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Van’s Natural Foods – A Lesson In Taste And Health ! {Giveaway}

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Note*I have received free Vans product in return for my reviews*

A new year always brings out the best intentions in everyone. Almost every time , one of those intentions is to eat better & healthier. I don’t know if you have been noticing over the past few years,but there has been a major influx/concentration on Gluten Free living .
For those who do not know, choosing to be Gluten Free for some people comes from an intolerance to the substance ,and the proper term for the ailment is Celiac Disease. When a person suffers from Celiac Disease, it very hard and often painful for their body to ingest and/or get rid of the gluten that comes in certain foods. For others , the choice to be Gluten Free is for health benefits; cutting gluten out of your regular diet has been known to help shed pounds and feel better overall.
My reason for speaking about this is introduce you to a food brand that provides better way of eating that is both healthy and tasty . The brand is called Van’s Natural Foods, and in my opinion,they have some of the yummiest gluten free foods around !


I like to consider myself a “Foodie” of sorts. I have an immense love affair going on with food, and the only problem with that is I also love taking care of my body. I also had been wondering for a long time what the “ruckus” was all about concerning gluten. So, when I was given the opportunity to work with Van’s and review a few of their delicious foods, I jumped at the chance ! Jen F. ,one of the wonderful ladies from the company , sent me this amazing package that included BBQ and Nacho chips, PB&J fruit bars, and a wonderful little plate that I plan on using as a chip and dip plate.

IMG_5503  IMG_5504
The big box of goodies that received was very, very tasty and packed with flavor.i especially loved the “Nacho, Nacho Man” multigrain chips. These chips are baked, not fried and are made from brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa and amaranth. Who would have thought that something so wholesome could taste so good ?!


The BBQ chips are also baked and not fried and they are made from the same ingredients as the nacho chips . *** FOOD FACT *** : there are 18 grams of nutrient rich whole grains in every bag of both chip flavors I named from Vans Foods!

Wholesome , all natural , gluten free goodness … And oozing with deliciousness . That’s how I would describe the peanut butter and jelly sandwich bars that Van’s offers. Think about this for a minute… You’re a parent and you want the best food options available for you child and your family. But , you also want them love what they eat and have it taste good. I believe that Van’s could be one of. Your first food choices for that. Not just because they are delicious, but the company understands that healthier food choices have often meant a stretch on your wallet , so they make a huge effort to keep all of their foods at a comparable price … So that every family can have the chance to live, eat, and be healthy.
In conclusion to my review , I would place Van’s Natural Foods up on my “top picks” for the year 2014 … And I am sure that this brand will make its way into my home and onto my cabinets shelves and refrigerator . Here’s to a happier, healthier me … And you . Thank you so much for reading ; if you have any questions or concerns about the Van’s company, feel free to leave your comments here on my blog OR you can always contact the company yourself at Van’s Natural Foods.