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Veggie Go’s – The Perfect On The Go Fruit & Veggie Snack!

Veggie Go’s – The Perfect On The Go Fruit & Veggie Snack!

School is back and we parents are both happy and sad. Happy because we get to have some of our sanity and peace back, yet sad because it’s another year that our babies are growing up. It’s time for us to get the school shopping done and watch Food Network and Jamie Oliver show to see what healthy lunches we can whip up for the kids,too. I know that for me, choosing the right lunches that are both nutritious and delicious is a chore. My youngest can be quite finicky when it comes to eating. And she likes to snack..a lot. Luckily, I’ve found a snack that I don’t mind her eating all of the time now. The snack is Veggie Go’s!

 What is Veggie Go’s?

I know you’re asking, “What is Veggie Go’s, and we do I want to know about them?”. Well, it’s really simple… Veggie Go’s are gummies and fruit strips with twist. The twist is that these snacks are healthy! Veggie Go’s are packed with goodness, and every fruit strip and gummy pouch is equal to one full serving of fruit and veggies! Oh… did I mention that they taste pretty freakiin’ good,too? Yeah…. they do. Everyone in my family, including the picky eater, agrees that these snacks are great tasting.

The Veggie Go’s are a wonderful permanent substitute for the other fruity gummy items that are out there. And they come in some amazing new tasty flavors! I’m a huge fan of the Strawberry, Chia, and Beets fruit bites, and my kids love the Berry, Apple, and Spinach strips. And because they are so healthy, I don’t mind if they eat 2 or even 3 snacks at a time!

Interested in knowing more about Veggie Go’s? Visit their website here, and find out more. They’ve got a blog that they keep updated with info on their products as well as tips to lead a happier, healthier, greener lifestyle! Also, they have a coupon available to receive a FREE SAMPLE of Veggie Go’s… all you have to do is request it.

Well, I’m about to head out. It’s almost time for me to get my baby girls lunches packed…. happy Back To School times, people!


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