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DUDE! I Got One Of Those Cool Watermelon Slicer Things!!

DUDE! I Got One Of Those Cool Watermelon Slicer Thingys!!

So… I’ve been given one the most current “Must Have” food gadgets of the year, & I’m too stoked about it! It’s that new watermelon slicer thing, & it supposedly makes cutting the melon a Breeze. So, now that I’ve got one, let’s see if we can answer the question of “Does It Work?” !!!

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Company Product Description 

  • SURE GRIP COMFORT HANDLE to Easily and Safely Slice Uniform Portions of Watermelon Right out of the Rind – Get the Most Out of Your Watermelon Without the Mess
  • HIGH QUALITY Stainless Steel BCI Watermelon Slicer Server and FREE Premium Stainless Steel Melon Baller
  • RAPID SHIPPING from the USA Directly from Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  • EASY CLEANUP SAFE & EASY TO USE – Unique High Quality Dishwasher Safe Design for Fun with the Entire Family.
BCI Premium Watermelon Slicer and Free Duplex Melon Baller. Best Value with Watermelon Slicer, Comfort Grip Handle Upgrade and Duplex Melon Baller included. This unique product has quickly become a best seller. Premium Watermelon Slicer is made from High Quality Stainless Steel, has Sure Grip Comfort Handle and is Guaranteed by BCI Quality Products. Slices Watermelon in uniform slices right out of the rind. Use the tongs to serve to family and friends in seconds. Great for BBQ Picnic Camping Backyard Parties Families.
My Take On The Subject
 Well… I came, I saw, I sliced up watermelon. My first couple of slices were a little awkward to do, but after those tries, it was pretty simple. I had nice, even portions, and there was barely, if any, mess afterwards. Using the slicer is so easy, even younger kids can do it. They can’t cut themselves because the slicer isn’t a sharp knife. One of the best things about the slicer is that when you slice the watermelon, you can use the slicer to pick up the fruit and place it in your plate or bowl (or whatever you want to hold the fruit with). My particular slicer also came with a bonus melon baller, so I am pretty excited about that,too. If you are a lover of sliced fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew (or things of that nature), then I totally recommend buying on the BCI Watermelon slicers… you won’t be disappointed!