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Yoga Wheel – What Is It… Does It Work?

Yoga Wheel – What Is It… Does It Work?


I’ve been introduced to something pretty amazing. Seriously… I’ve been using it everyday for 3 days, and I’ve already felt a thorough difference in my lower back & the pain that I suffer from. I’ve also noticed that my posture seems to be perking up more from the normal way I sit. What is this thing that’s made its positive way into my life? It’s a Yoga Wheel. The LOTUS Wheel, to be specific.

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When I was approached with the opportunity to review this product, I didn’t know what it was, let alone know it existed. I mean… what IS a Yoga Wheel, anyway? Well, this is what it is :

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Let me tell you something… this wheel works wonders for me! I kid you not. 4 days of using the Lotus, & I see my posture looking better, I’m walking taller and straighter. I just feel better… healthier. If someone tells you that Yoga and/or stretching isn’t therapeutic to your body, they’ve never tried doing it. The Lotus Wheel works. There are many was to use the wheel, and you can see some of them in the video I found below.

This is actually one of the videos I’m using as a reference guide for my stretching techniques. If you choose to use this video, remember to take the steps SLOWLY & not to overdue it. The first day I used the Lotus, I overdid the stretching/opening of my back on hips, and I had some discomfort later as a result. I don’t think this will happen to you, but it happened to me because I do suffer from a back injury that occurred years ago, so that’s why I had the discomfort. But, after the first day & knowing my limits for now, I don’t have the pain. In fact, I’ve less pain & more mobility. If you feel like you could use more flexibility, mobility, lengthening of the body, or just relief from stresses of the day, you should consider bringing a Yoga Wheel into your life.

Product Description

The Ultimate Mobility Tool

Originally developed in Asia, the lotus yoga wheel has become the wheel of choice for yoga instructors and elite athletes worldwide. Used regularly, your wheel can help you:

• Deepen your back bends
• Release tension in your back, shoulders and hips
• Easily reverse the negative effects of sitting hunched over a desk for long hours
• Improve balance. Because of its sturdiness and grippy outer layer, many of our customers use the wheel for fun balancing poses and games
• Feel refreshed in the morning. Easily roll out those early morning kinks and go into your day feeling relaxed and energized
• Play more, get creative and add a new dimension to your practice.
• Avoid the chiropractor. If you have longstanding back and shoulder pain, the yoga wheel allows you to work on these areas from the comfort of your own living room – and avoid recurring trips to the chiropractor.

  • STURDY ROCK SOLID INTERIOR. Eco- friendly ABS material can take up to 450 lbs body weight – very fun for balancing games and will last for years to come
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT PADDING. Soft TPE padding cushions the spine during back bends – allowing you to melt away stress and tension
  • ELIMINATE BACK PAIN. Use for just 10 minutes daily to improve your posture and reverse the effects of hunching over a work desk all day
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE. Weighs only 2.6 llbs – easy to carry to class and loosen tight muscles before you begin
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We thoroughly test each wheel for strength and durability and we’re confident you will love your wheel for years to come.

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