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ZERO : Powerful CBD Oil for Sleep, Anxiety & Stress Review

ZERO : Powerful CBD Oil for Sleep, Anxiety & Stress Review

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Disclaimer- I was given monetary or free product compensation in exchange for an unbiased review of the following products.

When I first received this product from ZERO, I was impressed. I liked the packaging and presentation of the whole Vape Pen product. And, I appreciated the bubble wrap protection of the ZERO CBD ejuice.  I actually received a vanilla flavored hemp oil from the company, and I really enjoyed it. There is no “burn” when you smoke the e juice,it doesn’t taste of tar,and your clothes don’t smell after.

People like to give others “flack” about using Vapes ,but the truth of matter is … they are a better choice for smokers.  Using a vape is non evasive ,and in my opinion ,less harmful than “real” smoking. Why , you ask ? Well ,for a few reasons.But first…what IS Hemp Oil ?

Hemp oil is an oil extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp can be used as a healing oil (see Healing With Hemp Oil article)All plants in the Cannabis genus can produce the oil, but usually only industrial hemp is used to make hemp oil. Industrial hemp is a hemp varietal which has been cultivated specifically for industrial production, and it has a minimum of the psychoactive substances associated with the genus, most notably THC. Hemp oil is typically almost free of THC, and it has no psychoactive properties.(Seed Guides)  There are a variety of ways to use hemp oil; vaping is just one of them.  Many benefits are associated with the use of CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp oil . Among them are :

Antiemetic Reduces nausea and vomiting
Anticonvulsant Suppresses seizure activity
Antipsychotic Combats psychosis disorders
Anti-inflammatory Combats inflammatory disorders
Anti-oxidant Combats neurodegenerative disorders
Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer Combats tumor and cancer cells
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant Combats anxiety and depression disorders

The benefits listed above are reasons why I as well as others may use hemp oil. I use it as a way to relax after a long day. And no … I don’t use it to “get high”. Some groups do,but I am not a part of that group.

The hemp oil that I use if from ZERO. The “juice” from ZERO for the Vape is bottled very nicely and is incredibly easy to add the juice into the Vape pen. If you look at the photos provided above, you see the easy steps that I used to fill my vape pen. You follow these simple steps to fill your Bud bottle:

  1.  Take ZERO e juice bottle and open it
  2.  Open the empty Bud bottle (take the top off)
  3.  Fill the Bud bottle with the ZERO e juice
  4.  Place the top back onto the Bud bottle ,and toss the ZERO bottle into the trash. The bottle should be empty if you completely filled the Bud bottle.

After you are done with placing the cap back on the bud bottle, use the bottle to fill your Vape pen.  I think the whole process took me about 4 minutes. Check out my video to see actual steps on how to enjoy ZERO CBD e juice and the Vape Pen Kit & read below for a company description of the kit !

The BudTouch boasts the same battery as the HempVAP pen, but with a different button and a new design.
ZERO CBD e Juice vape is taking the world of vaping by storm. It’s the only CBD vape that contain absolutely zero traces of THC because it’s made from a pure CBD isolate. Available flavors are: Butterscotch, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee, and Vanilla.

Why Choose ZERO CBD e Juice and Vape Pen Kit?

Simply put, this vaporizer from BudTouch is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabidiol without any hassle. The pen holds up to 1.5mls of liquid and the battery lasts up to 300 puffs. It’s able to be recharged on any USB port thanks to the handy USB charger. The kit comes with two empty cartridges; the handy USB charger and two ZERO CBD hemp oil vape bottles of your choice to get started.

CBD is known for its role as a natural remedy against inflammation, chronic pain and anxiety, while it’s currently being studied as a potential natural supplement against a whole range of ailments including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy and more. CBD is completely free of psychoactive properties (unlike THC) and is totally free of side-effects.

The ZERO e-liquids are completely THC-free, naturally gluten-free, vegan and kosher. They’re made in the US and make a great starter product for vaping beginners. It is know that they also work well for people looking for a smoking alternative

How to Use ZERO CBD e Juice and Vape Pen Kit…

To use the ZERO CBD e Juice and Vape Pen Kit, unscrew the battery and add your hemp vapor oil on top of the atomizer. Screw the battery back on and the pen will start to heat to produce vapor. Inhale quickly and deeply. You don’t need to take in long drags like conventional smoking to enjoy this pen’s full benefits.To charge your BudTouch vape pen, attach the USB end and plug it into any powered USB port.


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