10″ Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri … The Best Pan Ever !

What’s In A Pan ?

I know you have seen them. Those infomercials that talk about the skillet to beat all skillets…the cooking pan of all pans.Guaranteed not to chip,burn and have food slide right off no matter what food you cook on it. Well,guess what? I had the super awesome opportunity to test one of these cooking pans out . The wonderful people from Ozeri and (Me) present to you … the 10″ Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, with 100% PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany .  Here is a photo of the pan that was given to me –

012 013

This pan is just .. WOW ! I am a total skeptic when it comes to pans and the whole scratch resistant, “blow the egg right out of the pan” slogan,so I made a point to use the pan the way I saw other pans being used. Right after I was done admiring the design and make of the pan. I REALLY love how well made the Stone Earth Pan is.It is sleek and almost kinda “sexy” in its design.It would make any cook happy with its performance as well … it makes me happy every time I use it ! Let me tell you about my experience using the Stone Earth Pan .

Pan Specs

•10″ Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, with 100% PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany.
•Utilizes a natural stone-derived coating from Germany that achieves non-stick perfection while remaining 100% free of PFOA, a harmful chemical found in traditional cookware.
•Features a scratch-resistant stone-based coating that is super easy to clean.
•Superior non-stick performance.
•Comfortable silicon coated handle.
•Induction stove safe.
•Available in:
•8” (20cm)
•10” (26cm)
•12” (30cm)

I received the pan in the middle of the week,and I was super stoked to start using it. The first thing I made … eggs. Not scrambled,but crepe style. I waited til morning to cook. In all of the commercials that I have seen/watched for these type of pans, it says that I don’t need to use oils or butters to our food,which equals healthier cooking,so… I didn’t use any. I cracked open 2 eggs and beat them to get ready them for cooking.I had my Stone Earth pan heated a little. Then,I poured the eggs in the pan and kinda swirled the eggs around to cover the bottom of the pan….then I let it cook.


No oils.No butters. Just eggs,heat,and cooking pan. And the eggs came out … PERFECT ! There was no scorching,no burning,no sticking ,and best of all … the eggs SLID right out of the pan! Just like you have seen them do in the infomercials !!

068 069

Cooking Pan Love Affair

I instantly fell in love with my new pan after my “Egg Challenge” ,but I did another food test… I made pancakes. I have been having such a hard time with my pancakes over the past year ;they had been sticking to my old pans and I was becoming REALLY frustrated.So,I decided to use my Ozeri Stone Earth pan as a test for pancakes. The result was totally impressive. I felt like I was a chef when I was able to cook my pancakes and have them come out so well. The pancakes cooked evenly and they were almost perfectly round.There was no sticking to the pan and I used NO OILS OR BUTTER. This pan is amazing !

073 074 077


One really great thing about the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri is that because of the design of the pan and the materials that they use to make it,the pan heats up quickly and evenly,so you do not need to “heat up” the pan and you most definitely do not need to worry about foods being cooked in the center and still undercooked on the edges,or vice versa. Your foods will be cooked evenly,completely and deliciously …and clean up is easy too. No scrubbing is need;just a simple swipe with a dishcloth (or even a paper towel) will suffice.Believe me,I know…I clean my pan that way. Also,there are instructions on how to care for and clean your pan.

015 016

I absolutely suggest that if you are looking to replace your old cooking ans with new ones that will stand the test of time AND give you great cooking results EVERY TIME you use it, to think about investing in a Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri.The pans come in sizes ranging from 8,10,and 12 inches … and I can’t wait to add to my Ozeri pan collection.I have so many more foods to cook in them,like stir fries,meats,and other delicious creations !!


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