A Change … Will Do You Good !

So … as of 3 days ago (October 3,2014), I no longer have medium length hair. I , in fact, have very little hair. I did a D-I-Y haircut and shave over the weekend. I was tired of my hair being damaged and tired of feeling like I like my hair one day, and then I hate my hair the next. So, I cut it. ALL  of it. Right now, I love it. I think it one is the best things that chose to do with my hair all year. The products that promised to “repair/restore damaged hair”… they do what they can. But the fact of the matter is, if your hair is damaged badly , you need to cut it and start anew .It’s a scary process/decision, but think of the beautiful hair you have waiting to grow unfettered once the “bad” is gone.  I have nothing but good thoughts about my hair cutting and shaving. I may have over-shaved in some parts (yikes !), but guess what ? It’s Only Hair..and it’ll grow back (I hope, ha ha) ! Also, now I amnot afraid to play with color…especially since I found these awesome washable colors ! So I share with you … my shedding, rebirth,and transformation from damaged to healthy. Hopefully , I can be that inside and out ! I hope you enjoy the photos and video !

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