April 10,2013 *Nutrisystem* Update

 Still Going Strong !

As I sit here on the sofa ,taking my vitamins and sipping on some flavored water, I am beginning to look back at my Nutrisystem  journey.I started this trek towards a healthier,better me at the end of December.A lot of people told me not to.They said ,”wait until the New Year so you can eat all the holiday foods”. I chose not to.Why? Because I wanted to know that I could resist the temptations of all the yummy,super rich in calories foods.Thankfully,I did resist and stuck to my eating plan.That willingness rewarded me with a 10 pound weight loss in about a month.And I kept losing after that. Now I have been doing my Nutrisystem for 4 months (this is my 4th month now),and I have lost a total of 15 pounds.It’s 15 because I didn’t completely stick to foods on my select plan.But now..it’s time to say “I can do this”,and get it done.

In all honesty,I haven;t been completely slacking off.I go to the gym,walk,and run throughout the week.Just this week alone, I have completed 10 miles ! I am on my way to doing a 5k everytime I go for a run now,and I love that! My muscle tone is getting better in my thighs and abs are making a comeback too.And I owe this and more to Nutrisystem.Had I not been using the Select plan,I would have never lost any of the weight and I probably would not be exercising as much as I do right now.So…bring on the daily challenges and motivation …Momma’s got a goal of 20 more pounds.LET’S DO THIS !!


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