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Artisana Organics – The Art Of Healthy Organic Foods

Looking For Good ,Heart Healthy Foods? Try Artisana Organic Foods

I’m a Blogger Mom and person who is crazily trying to keep herself and family healthy. I can tell you that finding the right foods to serve gets harder for me everyday. Even with the growing choices of organic foods out there.I still struggle to find the ones that have a taste that my kids love, as well as organics that stay withing my budget. I go to Farmer’s Markets, Farms,Dairies,and health  conscious groceries stores … all to try to ensure that my family and I can eat healthy. So, when the opportunity arose for me to work with Artisana Organic Foods , of course I said yes !

Artisana Organics is a company that mainly deals with providing delicious organic nut butters, oils, and spreads for families all over to enjoy.

Nut Spreads :

cacao-bliss-8oz artisana organic foodscacao-bliss-8oz artisana organic foodscacao-bliss-8oz artisana organic foods

Coconut Butters & Oils :

coconut-butter-8oz artisana organic foods coconut-oil artisana organic foods

Nut Butters :

almond-butter artisana organic foods  cashew-butter artisana organic foods  pecan-butter-8oz artisana organic foods  macadamia-butter artisana organic foods  walnut-butter-8oz artisana organic foods

There are a few things I like about Artisana Organic nut butters, oils and spreads.  While they are in a facility to processes tree nuts, they do not process peanuts, soy, dairy, or gluten. I am not intolerant to any of these aforementioned ,but it is good to know that these precautions are here.

Artisana sent me a wonderful arrangement of their products to sample. I would love to share some of the photos of the items and how I used the products. Below are some photos I took… along with what I thought of the items. Enjoy !

Artisana nut butters (1)

When I first opened the box, I wanted to try them all to see how they tasted. I dipped my finger into some, like the Tahini Butter, and spread some others. It took me about 15 minutes to determine which of the butters and spreads were my favorite,though.

 My Fave List

  1.  Coconut Butter (in the sample pack and in the jar) – Of course I would choose this one. I am most familiar with the taste and I know what to expect when I eat/use it.
  2.  Coconut Oil – same reason as above… I love all things coconut !
  3.  Almond Butter – I like the taste of the butter. It’s not as smooth as I expected, but I love the fact that I get pure almond butter that all natural and organic.

Unfortunately for me, I did not really enjoy the other butter spreads (Walnut, Pecan,Cashew). And REALLY did not like the Tahini (sesame seed) butter. I don’t know if I was supposed to stir it more or what, but I just …didn’t like it. I can’t even describe the flavor because it was one that I have never tasted before. I don’t blame the company ,though. I think that,sometimes, when I am unfamiliar with something, I am either pleasantly surprised or just dead set against it . I did look up what to use Tahini butter with in cooking , and I came up some recipes that I am willing to try,so maybe later , I will be able to appreciate the true flavor that  Tahini brings to the kitchen. If you are interested in learning more about Artisana and their line of butters ,oils, and spreads, please feel free to visit Artisana Organic Foods 


Artisana nut butters (2) Artisana nut butters (4) Artisana nut butters (5) Artisana nut butters (6) Artisana nut butters (7) Artisana nut butters (8) Artisana nut butters (9)

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