Blackberry Z10 – What’s The Deal ?!


BlackBerry Z10 – Rising To The Top

BlackBerry  Z10

Have you been wondering where the Blackberry disappeared to? I know that  couple of years ago,my friend Joy was kinda bummed when her phone company told her that her Blackberry was about to be “no longer in service” because they were getting rid of the device. She really enjoyed the technology that was at the touch of her hand,and I loved the ringtone that would chime in to our conversations just at the right time with a “Giggety,giggety,gi-ga-TY”. So…imagine MY surprise when I was selected to be review the newest Blackberry on the market !

As a VIP for Verizon on Crowdtap , I was selected and given the amazing opportunity to receive the Blackberry Z10  and host a party to show the phone off to my friends and family. Let me start by saying …WOW ! The phone is sophisticated and stylish,sleek and sexy and sexy at the same time. And it is FULLY FUNCTIONAL. You can keep track of all of your appointments,stay connected to your social networks like Linked In ,Facebook,and Twitter … all while texting and talking to on the phone.

One of the best features that I like about  this phone is your Mobile Hotspot.With this feature you have  your own personal wireless network at the tip of your fingertips whenever and wherever you want ! This is a great thing for m because I blog all the time and sometimes I am in a spot where I cannot find wireless or WiFi access.You can also share your network with others within range of your network. I have a password on mine just because I don’ want it clogged up with extra stuff.

Another feature that is exciting for me is the camera feature. Not just the camera, per-se,  but the “extras”. They have a video editor and a story maker that can bring your photos and videos more life than you could imagine from any other phone! I have been utilizing the features on a daily basis and I really enjoy them ! I have been having so much fun transforming regular photos into funny movies with music and lines…it’s a masterpiece !

There are so many other features and upgrades that the Blackberry Z10 has to offer. There is only one downfall so far that I see,and it’s apps. Not that the Z10 does not offer apps;they do. They just don’t offer the apps that I am used to. Either that or I just need to study the phone more and learn how to gain access to the apps I know. I say that if you get a chance to test out the Blackberry Z10 for yourself,do so. And ,make sure that you are able to get the full features that the Z10 offers. I think that the Mobile Hotspot make cost extra and you may to have to pay for a data plan,but I am not fully sure of what he prices for that will be.And That is because I received the phone for free and Crowdtap and Verizon gave me 1 month or so of free service.

If you have any questions about the Blackberry Z10,please feel free to ask me  and if I can answer the questions,I definitely will. OR can go visit the Blackberry website to learn more ! Thanks for reading !