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BoBee Home Decor Adds Personal Touches Anywhere !

BoBee Home Decor Decals _Fun, Easy Way To Design !

Bobee Wall and Home Decor

Who loves to decorate their home? I know that I am one of those people who love to have a “pretty home”. Sometimes though, my ambition stretches farther than my actual means. Thanks to BoBee┬áHome Decor Wall Decals, now I can have those personal touches that I want without all the hard work or worry. I can add beautiful phrases and quotes all over my home. And, best of all, I don’t have to worry about my walls being ruined later !

I had the pleasure to try out one of my very own Bobee home decor decals. It was the “Family” decal. When I ordered it, I only had to wait 1 day before it arrived at my doorstep,nicely packaged in a protective cardboard tube. *Random Thought* I love the fact that Bobee merchandise is made right here in the United States … call it a pride thing if you will .

I immediately searched for instructions on how to apply my decal to my wall;I knew exactly where I wanted to place it,too. One thing I also looked into was the wear and tear or the decal. Meaning …I wanted to know if the decal would do any damage to my wall if I kept it on the wall for a period of time. I have walls with a nasty flat paint (which I hope to change someday), so they pick up every little bit dirt,oil,and smudge. And they leave little patchy reminders of how sucky my paint is ,lol. Fortunately, I saw that these decals are safe for my walls and they actually can peel off when you need to discard them ! The decal was very easy to apply, and it took only a couple of minutes to turn my drab plain white wall to a happy ,warm and welcoming family wall ! I took a few photos of ┬áme prepping and applying my decal onto my wall. Check them out !

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If you interested in getting Bobee decals for your home , you can by visiting the link below !