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Body Cleansing Naturally With Skinny Limits !

Juicing…Cleansing. Both of these terms are used to describe one thing – Ridding your body of harmful toxins and impurities that your body doesn’t need or want. I had the opportunity to do a wonderful 3 day cleansing/juicing courtesy of Skinny Limits .

What Is Juicing/Cleansing ?

I know that many of you have heard the terms juicing and/or cleansing ,and you have an idea of what it is… but you don’t know exactly what it is. Let me try to explain using some of the research that I have done . Juicing is –

 is the process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or vegetables. ” –

And a Cleansing is – “a health regimen designed to remove toxins from the body.”

When you combine the two ,you get of course, a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is sometimes called a “juice fast” . It is called this because during your cleansing, which can be from 1 – 10 days (depending on the individual) , you only drink the fruit and veggies that have been juiced . You can have a little something to eat,but the food should be something like a green salad with none of the extra “goop” on it. During your cleansing ,you should be focused on putting just good ,raw foods (like veggies,fruit,maybe nuts) into your body. When you decide to juice,there are a few ways that you can do it. You can go and buy your own juicer and organic fruit and vegetables and juice for yourself. You can go to the store and buy already made juices. OR .. you can get fresh, all natural ,juices delivered to your door . Here is where Skinny Limits comes into play. They deliver cold pressed,all natural,juice with no artificial flavors OR colors in it; in their own words … their juice is ” Alive” .

Juice That’s “Alive” ? Whaaaaaat ?!

Yes , the juice is alive !  When they say that “juice is alive” , they mean that Skinny Limits juices are created with the freshest ingredients and are never pasteurized or processed; live juice ! I had the great opportunity to work the Skinny limits company  and they sent me a 3 day cleanse to review and see how their juice cleanse works . The container comes as soon as you order and it delivered to you COLD. Because the juice is made fresh and sent to you as soon as it’s made,you should be home to accept the package and refrigerate it ASAP.Also, you should start your cleanse at the beginning  of the day so if you get it in the afternoon,plan on starting the cleanse that next day; the juices lasts for a certain period of time because they are not pasteurized and they are all natural,so storing them for “later” is not a very good option.

Skinny Limits Review  Skinny Limits Review2

I was a little intimidated at first when I received my Skinny Limits package. 3 days worth of juice to drink and nothing else beside maybe a salad or two during the day can seem overwhelming  to person when presented in bulk,lol ! I mentally prepared myself for the 3 days ahead of me.I looked at the juices to see what I would be drinking. They make really easy to know which juice to drink and when. The bottles are labeled and numbered so you know what comes first and what after the first. Easy,right ?! I think so ,too .

Skinny Limits Review3

I received the Standard 3 Day Juice Cleanse. This included the following juices –

1) Pure & Simple (9 of each)

2) Balance (3 of each)

3) Scorpion Lemonade (3 of each)

4) Crescent Moon  (3 of each)

When I started the 3 Day Cleanse, I followed the directions that are included with the juices. I enjoyed most of the juices.The green juices were incredibly yummy and tasty and reminded me of the juices that I make myself at home monthly.The Crescent Moon is a delightful break from  the green juice and one bottle really is enough for one day (Skinny Limits got it right !). However, that Scorpion Lemonade is … WHOA ! It has some bite to it! I had a really hard getting this incredibly lemony drink down.It says that it is 25% juice ,but wow,oh ,wow .. it’s seems like 100 % percent all lemon to me.

While lots of people start a juice cleanse to try and lose weight , that is NOT the reason why a cleansing should be done. As mentioned earlier,cleansing are to help clean and rid the body of harmful unneeded toxins that are inside the body. If you do lose weight as a result of your cleansing, then that is an awesome extra that is a result of wastes being expelled from your system.. It has been reported that people have lost weight after a it can be a motivating  factor to try a cleanse.Just remember that once you cleanse your body,your cleaning your insides and making them healthier;Don’t start putting back in the unhealthy foods that you did before ..if you did that.

In Conclusion …

After my 3 day cleanse, I can’t say that I lost any weight… but I will say  that I felt and feel (it’s been 4 days after now) lighter and have a bit more energy to carry on my day.I do have plans of getting myself another cleanse in the future,but it will probably be after the holidays;all the foodstuffs from the season tends to be incredibly rich in what the body really doesn’t need…. even though it tastes so delicious!  Don’t Forget !  Cleansing affects  people differently,so if you cleanse,don’t try to base results off of another.If you are interested in trying Skinny Limits great cleansing plans ,you can visit their site and look through their options. They have 1 day to 10 day cleanses and you can even personalize your cleansing package. Thank you for reading and I hope that you take a look at the site. Let me know what you think Skinny Limits by leaving a comment here on the site !

*disclaimer* I received compensation and/or free product in exchange for my honest opinion over this Skinny Limits 3 Day Cleanse.