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Botanical Way To Clean Your Home : Clean Well *Review*


Who here (reading this right now) likes to have  clean home? How many of you also want to have a clean home ,but don’t want to use cleaning products that are bad or harmful to the Earth or environment ? There are a few brands out there that can offer you this,but today I am going to talk to you about one brand in particular. It’s fast becoming a known brand ,and I have chosen it to be one of the top choices for Tricia’s-List . The brand of products I speak of is “Clean Well“. Clean Well was created in 2005 by Dr.Sam Weiss . Why was Clean Well created ?  Because of this-

We got our start because of a boy, Conor, born with an immune system disorder. His father, Sam, started investigating alternatives to disinfecting agents found in everyday cleaning products. The family’s determined spirit led to the development of the patented formulation in all CleanWell products. In 2005 Dr. Weiss, a Stanford trained physician and expert in natural chemistry partnered with Sam to create the CleanWell Company and the line of CleanWell products.

(Read more about Conor’s story here ) How amazing of a story is that?! One parent set on protecting their child from harmful germs that could attack his immune system has given all of us the opportunity to clean our homes safely! And it’s not just the story that makes Clean Well great,it’s the effectiveness that it provides when you are cleaning . Plus there are so many good things that come out being green ;it doesn’t just help you and your family,it helps our environment,too . Clean Home… Eco Safe ! Another reason why I like the Clean Well line is because …we already use in other products! Did you know that other brands use the Clean Well Inside technology? Clean Well Inside Technology –

*Kills over 99.99% of household germs, specifically Influenza A, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli on hard, nonporous surfaces.

  • Botanical Disinfecting Formula
  • EPA registered
  • Effective against Influenza A, Rhinovirus, Salmonella enterica & Escherichia coli

It’s true,and for more information about that you can read here .

IMG_1925  IMG_1927

When I was sent my Clean Well review kit,I could not wait to get cleaning all around the house. I was given Botanical Wipes and a Botanical Spray to use . Oh boy ! Kitchen cleaning… check. Bathroom cleaning …definite CHECK. I even decided to go into the dreaded “entertainment room” and do some cleaning there. I was thoroughly impressed by the way the wipes handled my cleaning process. The wipes are very sturdy and can withstand some tough scrubbing.I personally used a few botanical wipes to clean off the window blinds and the window sills in the entertainment room because they were …well, they were filthy.But they’re not anymore…thanks to Clean Well. The cleaning process is just like any other cleaning you would do…only with no harsh chemicals or smells to harm you or your pets.

And it only takes a few simple steps to use the spray –

1) Spray the surface you want to clean

2) Let sit for about 1 minute

3) Wipe with towel. That’s it.

Simple disinfecting with no harsh chemicals and no hurt to our lovely Mother Earth; you are officially GREEN ! And if a spray isn’t something that works for you,there are always the Botanical Wipes that are available !


Disclaimer-I was given compensation or free product for my honest review and opinion over Clean Well and its products.