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Thinking About Canning ? Try Bellmain !

Thinking About Canning ? Try Bellmain !


When I was young girl, I along with my brother used to stay the entire Summer with my grandparents. It was always a great time there. My Granddad,Jackson, had a wonderfully huge garden full of delicious fruit and veggies that we could have a fill of. Strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes … sometimes even watermelons ! Oh, we would just stuff our smiling faces with all of them ,fresh off of the vine. My granddad also had a shed that he had stocked with other yummy goodies. Things like pickles, jams,jellies..all kinds of delicious ! I never thought about it then, but my grandparents weren’t just saving money by growing their food… they were prolonging their food and its freshness by canning.

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Which brings me to this current post. Now that I am older and more aware of my environment and health needs of myself and my family, I look to eating, living ,and being my healthiest possible. I don’t skimp out on flavor …NO sir. But, I do eat healthy whenever possible. So, I have started looking into canning for sustainable food purposes. Like I said earlier … there are so many benefits to canning and preserving foods. Here a few examples of how canning benefits you :

  1.  Saves Money – You buy your foods (green beans, spinach,pickles,etc) in bulk and then can them. Buying in bulk saves a ton of money,especially if you can preserve the foods.
  2. Safety – You know how your food is being prepared,so you don’t have to worry about factory recalls.
  3. Healthier – YOU decide what goes into your food and you know what is organic and all natural. Best way to know about nutrition facts is to make it yourself sometimes.
  4. Variety – You can “can” anything that you want and even get creative and make your own flavor jams, preserves, butters…the list goes on forever !

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Canning isn’t a hard thing to do,either You can find easy directions on canning all over the net now. I found my canning instructions online,and I use a Bellmain 6 piece Canning Tool set when I do can foods.   The process is really easy as long as you follow the directions and make sure that your jars and lids are sterilized and your seal is is done accurately . And the mason jars that you use to can are cheap  … you can get a set of 8-12 for under $13. That’s 13 jars of food that you will have for months unspoiled . How great is that ?! If you do think about trying canning, consider using the Bellmain tools set. It’s got everything you need for the process minus the jars,and it’s pretty decently priced at only $9.95 !! As always..thanks for reading !!

  Disclosure … I was given free product and/or compensation for this review.Regardless,all opinions are my own and I try to only review products that may benefit my readers.