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Tricia’s Picks – Birthday MUST HAVE Freebies List !

MUST HAVE Birthday ¬†Freebies List ! UPDATED AUGUST 9,2022   BaNaNaNaNaNa … You say it’s your birthday 🎂? BaNaNaNaNaNa … ¬†It’s my birthday ,too !! Happy Birthday To Ya !!! Okay … really. This a list of super awesome birthday freebies that you,your family,and your friends can all sign up for to get freebies and… Read More Tricia’s Picks – Birthday MUST HAVE Freebies List !

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This weeks Freebies!!

Freebies For This Week! Good morning, Everybody. Happy Tuesday I will be adding freebies as I find them to this post throughout the week. Freebies for this week are for dates June 19,2022- June 25,2022. Enjoy and let me know what freebies YOU selected in the comment section below! Poise Pack Freebie: you can get… Read More This weeks Freebies!!