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Cooking 101: CRISPY Dried Apple Slices!

Do you ever wonder how they get the dried apples to be so delicious at places like Panera Bread? I know I do. For example, one of the last times I went to Panera I ordered their chicken and Fuji Apple salad. It… Was… Soooo delicious! In my opinion, the crispy apples made the salad. Otherwise it was just a salad, you know?

 Anyway, I became more than a little intrigued with making that particular salad at home… Because I really, really did like the salad but paying close to $10 a pop for my “U Pick 2”  every visit us not my idea of good budgeting. So I went out and got all the fixins’ for a good chicken salad… And then I took out my dehydrator.

Presto dehydrator

   I figured that I could teach myself to make these delicious slices of nature because, hey, that’s what I do. I try to recreate restaurant foods at home. Save some money and also make a healthier version if I can. Soooo… Why not make dried apples?

 I’ve had dried apples before, but they were always the chewy type… And I don’t like that type. The Panera apples were very crunchy , kind of like croutons.

 I took out my mandolin slicer and chose a blade that would give me a apple slice … Not to thin, not too thick;perfect.

  • image

I evenly laid the Granny Smith slices on my dehydrator plates and let them dry… For a loooong time,lol. No, it actually only took about 4 hours. I think. I wanted to make certain that the apples were indeed, crispy. And every time I touched them, they seemed still a little soft. But then I realized… “Take them off the heat and let them cool, butthead”.  Once I did that, they crisped up but goood!! image dried apples image dried apples image dried apples

I stored my wonderful natural food creation in a plastic Baggie at first,but then I remembered that I have my airtight food containers, so I used those instead. And now, I have my own crispy dried Apple slices to put into my homemade chicken salad. They might not be Fuji… But Granny Smiths are still packed with flavor,too!

image dried apples Dried apples

There’s really no recipe for making these. You just need a food dehydrator & apples. I have a Presto dehydrator that I got from Amazon, but the also have them at Walmart for $19, which is a STEAL!!! Oh, I also used a mandolin to get my apples evenly sliced. And you read before that I let the apples dry out for about 3 hours. Give this a try and see what you think. It’s great way to make natural and organic snacks and treats, and it saves you money. Just think, I only used 3 apples to make a bunch of apples crisps. 1 bag of apples is about $4, compared to one bag of manufacturer made dried Apples or other fruit which can cost upwards to $8 for a single bag of dried fruit. Plus with a dehydrator, you can make so much more goodness! 😍

Thanks for reading and tune in next time!!

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