2013 Picks, Deals & Couponing

Deals You Want. When You Want Them. *2013 Pick*

As you know,I like a great deal. If it not free,then a great deal for a great quality product is for me.I browse allover the internet to find the best deals for what I want ,as  most of us do. With the way the economy is, who doesn’t want a great deal?! Frugality.That’s the main reason why I would like to introduce you Find&Save.

What is Find&Save, you ask? It’s a site that deals in , well … deals ! You can head on over to the website and look up some of your favorite stores ,both locally and nationwide, and find the right deal for you.I was on the site earlier today and found some amazing deals from stores like Kohl’s , Macy’s, Walmart, and Walgreens ,just to name a few. Good deals,too . For example , , Macy’s has a deal on a waffle maker ..it’s just $19.99 ! With me moving into a new home,I am definitely looking for appliance deals ,so I jumped on that !

Black & Decker rotary waffler

OR … you can check out this deal as well – There’s a 20 pack of toilet paper for only $13. These are double rolls, so that means that you are ,in essence, getting 40 rolls for $13 . That’s my motivation for stocking up (but that’s just me) !

Charmin Ultra 20-Pack Toilet Paper

I also found a great deal on an air purifier. I have become quite a health consious person in my “wiser” years (lol), so breathing the cleanest air possible means a lot for me. They have an Idylis 100 sq ft Room Air Purifier for $19 . I think I want o get a couple of those and have fresh ,clean air in the house year round.What do you think of that deal? Good or no?

Idylis 1-Speed 100-sq ft Room Air Purifier

There are other great deals there on Find&Save, and I think you should give it a try.It’s like a one-stop shopping extravaganza! No more tabs open all over your notebook ;just one site “to deal them all”,lol ! I hope you check out the site and enjoy it. Happy Find&Saving !!!

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