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Dinner’s A Snap … With Van’s Foods

Van’s Foods White Cheddar Penne – It’s What’s For Dinner !

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I love being a Foodie. I also love to cook and eat healthy . Van’s Foods company helps me attain both of those goals. I have been fan of the company’s products for a while now, and I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to try some of their new food items that are hitting the market.  When Jessica emailed me and told me new foods were coming out, I was like, “Oh Yeah, I want it !, ha ha. So , she sent me a box of goodies to try.

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Oh… What Yumminess !

In my Van’s Foods goodie box , I received soft baked granola clusters , pasta, and cool kitchen utensils. The Granola comes in two flavors –  Blueberry Walnut and CRanberry Almond. The pasta had 3 flavors- White Cheddar Penne, Rotini & Red Sauce,  and Creamy Herb & Garlic pasta.

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The granola was ,in a word, delicious ! I have never had a soft baked granola before and this just took the cake. I can have this as a snack by itself, or I can add it to yogurt or ice cream for a wonderful dessert .  And the pastas ???

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The pastas are outta this world ! Not only do the flavors sounds amazing, they taste like perfection ! Last night , I cooked BBQ Chicken legs and had the White Cheddar Penne as a side to go along with the dish. It was an instant hit, and no one even cared that the pasta was GLUTEN FREE ! Yes, gluten free pasta from Van’s ! It was sooo good. The texture was perfect,the cheese was creamy and it didn’t require that you put all that other “stuff” in it. I am so very happy to have Van’s Foods in mine and my family’s eating lifestyle.