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Yoga Pants : To Wear Or Not To Wear

You’ve seen just about every female out there wearing them. Heck,I wouldn’t even be surprised if guys wore them. They’re soft,fit well, and are incredibly versatile . I mean you can wear them almost anywhere with the right combination. What am I talking about ? Yoga Pants.

yoga pants

Okay,okay… yes, yoga pants are supposed to be worn during exercise. But , they are sooooo comfortable that nearly everyone who owns a pair wears them as casual (and sometimes not so casual) attire. I know; I have a more than a few pair , and I basically wear them like leggings. I have heard and seen the photos of people wearing yoga pants in inappropriate ways though. For instance, if your yoga pants show “everything natural you were born with”, you might not want to wear them out as leggings. Just saying… that’s a “No-No”. If you want to wear your yoga pants out ,which is perfectly fine, you should consider a few basic things :

  • Nude colored yoga pants are not good for outside .Do you really want people to think that you’re naked ?(photo has been edited … OMG ) yoga1
  • Too tight fitting yoga pants . Yes, I get it, you have a great shape.But really ?(again, photo edited. We don’t need to see “all of that”) yoga
  • If your Yoga Pants are see through… you need to buy more because those are too thin. Just saying in the nicest way possible . 🙂

As I have said, I wear Yoga pants out all the time. I wear them when I go running. exercise I wear them when I go the to gym. But most importantly,I wear them when I just want something comfortable to throw on when I go to run errands. I think all of us are guilty of this, but it’s okay;Yoga pants don’t mind,lol. If you’re in the market for a new pair (or two) of these super comfy pants, you can visit the Walmart site to see if they have what you’re looking for. I hope you find this article a little helpful in how to better appreciate Yoga pants and the versatility they give all of us,but most importantly … how to appreciate a nice, good fitting pair of yoga pants. In other words , don’t abuse the yoga pants !