What Is The Dyson V7 Motorhead & WHY You May Want One

What Is The Dyson V7 Motorhead & WHY You May Want One

GUYS!!! I got a new vacuum cleaner a week or so ago, and I just had to share my experience with you on it. It’s the new Dyson V7 Motorhead and its got some pretty cool reasons to like it, if you ask me. Now, I have tried another very popular competitor vacuum (you can see the article on that one here), but right now, I want to tell you about what I learned while the Dyson. Let’s get to it.

 What Is The Dyson V7?

The V7 Motorhead is the newest in the Dyson product line. It’s cordless which means you’re not constricted to any one room or area. There is also the option of removing the canister to turn the vacuum into a handheld. Either way you choose to use your new Dyson V7, you don’t have to worry about lugging anything heavy around; the vacuum only weight 5.3 pounds!

  • Cord-free. Hassle-free. Powerful suction
  • Up to 30 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction (If you’re looking for longer vacuum times, try the V8 Animal or the V8 Absolute by Dyson).
  • The direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles Deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt
  • All Dyson cord-free vacuums convert to a handheld for quick clean Ups and spot cleaning
  • Accessories include docking station, combination tool, and crevice tool. You can get these included with your V7 Motorhead OR get just the vacuum… the options are open to you.

Me & My Dyson

So… I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Dyson V7 for myself at home, and I really like it. I have been the owner of a Kirby Sentria for years (okay.. over a decade), and I’d grown tired of it. All of the attachments, the lugging around of the big, bulky thing… it was just getting to be too much. But It was hard to part with because that thing was an investment. The awesome people from Dyson sent me their vacuum, and yah… I like it. I like it a lot . It makes me so happy that it is cordless. I can actually clean my stairs and not worry about falling down the stairs due to me being clumsy and tripping over a cord now. Tripping over my feet is still a very strong possibility, though (not…even… joking).

 My Dyson Experience

I’ve been using my Dyson for a little over 2 weeks now. My house feels cleaner than it has felt in a long time. My Corgi sheds like nobody’s business, and I don’t mind vacuuming it up anymore. It so easy to do it because the vacuum is so lightweight and there’s no cord, so you just get up and clean. It’s awesome! Also, the Dyson V7 works on hardwood floors, carpets, stairs, you name it. Plus the accessories and the detachable canister makes it a breeze to clean your curtains, those high places where the cobwebs form… you can even go outside and clean out your car now without having to fight with cords and hoses! Have I mentioned how much I reallllly like my new vacuum?

 Your Choice… Plus A Video!

A video for you!

Yeah, you can go out a buy any vacuum you want. But one thing I know is this Dyson truly works. It has cleaned my carpets so well that the carpets even feel better under my feet. It’s like the dirt and hair from my dog is no longer there, so now my carpeting has new life… it’s pretty awesome. OH! An unexpected benefit- my allergies have lessened since I’ve been using my new vacuum. I don’t know if it’s because I’m vacuuming so much more or if it’s because so much dirt and hair is being picked up from the V7, but my allergies are a lot better, and for that I am highly grateful.  Don’t believe my words? Check out the video I made so you can see for yourself how the Dyson V7 Motorhead works. As always, thanks for reading…


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