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Eat More Deliciously … With Lesser Evil


Mmm…. chips. It’s one of my all time weaknesses. Where some go for a sweet treat when a craving hits them, I go straight to salty crunchiness. Potato chips always seem to curb the beastly appetite for that salty crunch. Now , I know that too many can be a disaster to your as…. errr, your derierre , so I have been trying to find a better alternative to the calorie and sodium laden regular chip. But it’s so hard to find a replacement that can satisfy my need for crunch and ,most importantly ,taste

So… in my journey to find the “new chip” for me, I came across Lesser Evil. Hmmm .. why the name , and what makes them different and/or better than my go to brand? Well ……..

Let’s start by introducing the company . Lesser Evil “ started as an idea to make innovative and tasty snack foods with healthier ingredients in 2004, and has become a mission to be the first snack food company in the chip aisle that are actually good for you.

The company sent me a variety case of their product to try for myself so that I can see and taste the difference of their chips compared to run of the mill brand chips. Once I received the package, I instantly knew that these were going to change me … in some way . I opened the box to find all of these yummy looking bags of flavor –


As you can see, Lesser Evil goes BIG when it comes to variances on flavors !! I was having a small sandwich at the time of the package delivery, so I chose a flavor that I thought would compliment the sandwich  …. Southern Barbecue .


I have to say , when I opened the bag up, the aroma was “like, whoa”.  It smelled so good,my mouth watered. No joke ! I grabbed a handful of the chips ,and placed them on my plate. I had to pop one these babies in my mouth already !!

Wow… the crunch is definitely there in this chip. It’s not a think chip,either. It kinda reminds me of a pop chip . Thin ,but crisp and not very easily broken, like the other regular chips do. To me that is a plus because I really dislike it when I open a bag of chips and see that half of them are broken. I don’t think you have to worry about that problem when it comes to the Lesser Evil brand chips.  Now, on to the taste.

The taste of these chips is … different. As I described a few sentences ago, the chip itself is thicket that your average chip,  so I think that plays a part into getting flavor infused into the whole of the chip. With that being said, I enjoyed the BBQ taste ,but I could have stood to have more. I’m a flavor lovin’ type of girl ,so the bolder and more prominent a flavor is, the more apt I am to enjoy it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still really like the Lesser Evil Southern Barbecue chips;they were and are delicious … just more oomph in the flavor for me next time, please.  During the next week , I had the delightful task of task testing the other flavors that I had received .

Feta & Black Olive – This was an “eh” for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t care too much for olives,or maybe it just because I wasn’t up for the taste challenge that day, but I put this particular flavor down at 4 on my “good taste” list. The crunch worthiness is still there, though .

Jalapeno & White Cheddar – Ummm.. Yeah !!! I really liked this chip and it’s flavor . It’s was like a jalapeno popper party inside my mouth ! I would say that this flavor stays at the top of my list ! Definite A+


Did you know that the Lesser Evil company also has corn chip type of chip? I call it corn chip like, even though they are tubular in shape. These chips look like what a combo would look like without the “filling”.  These little tubular power crunchers are called “Super 4” , and they come in 3 flavors – Kale, Cheesy Nacho , and Roasted Red Pepper . How DELICIOUS do those sound ?!  I know for a fact that they are amazingly yummy ! And they work really well when you have creamy dips.  The Super 4  chip group is a super winner in my book. These little tubes, made of 4 super foods (Quinoa, Lentil, White Bean, and Chia) make a great tasting snack ,and the way they are shaped makes the flavors give a “pop” to your mouth. At least to me they do.  Out of the two flavors I had, I would say that I like both of them ,but I love the Cheesy Nacho !


Oh yes…one more thing about Lesser Evil . They are GLUTEN FREE and have a ton of other healthy “good for you’s” attached to them. Check out the photo below to see what this company and their products are made of !


All in all, Lesser Evil has proven to me that it is possible to have a salty and crunchy snack without all the bad cholesterol, high sodium,and empty calories in it… and not give up taste. I am glad I had a chance to see for myself that Less  IS More !