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Finish It Armband Is My Best Running Partner

Finish It Armband Is My Best Running Partner

Exercise lover ? Enjoy having a good day at the gym or going for walk or jog around your neighborhood? Do you like listening to music on your phone? Do you totally hate having to hold your iPhone in your hand while you are doing these activities ?  I have an easy solution for that. It’s the Finish It Armband for iPhone 6, and it will give you the hands-free agility that you want and need.

I like to try to get a cardiovascular workout in at least 3 times a week.When I do, I usually make sure that it is the form of jogging or walking ,and it lasts for at least an hour. I take my phone with me because I like to listen to Pandora while I jog,and I also have a few apps on my iPhone that I use to track my exercise activity. Ordinarily , I would just plug in my earbuds,and shove my phone into my shorts’ or sweatshirt pocket,resulting in my phone bouncing around and sometimes falling out of the pocket and onto the ground (not good) !  exercise Finish It Armband  The Finish It company selected me to try out their Armband and see how it works for me . If your recall, I have worked previously with the company over their Finish it Running Belt .

I have been using the Finish It Armband for 1 1/2 weeks now,and I really love it. I like the piece of mind that I have knowing that I don’t have to physically hold my phone or worry about it falling out of my pocket and possibly getting damaged while I am out jogging. I love the  aspect of being able to set my fitness and music apps on and enjoy them ..all hands and care free. The Finish It! Gear – New Improved – Armband for iPhone 5  is available on Amazon
for a mere $8.87 ,which is over a $19 savings from other places (free shipping included if you have a PRIME membership).Join Amazon Prime- Start Free Trial Now .

Finish It Armband

The armband itself is very lightweight and has a pouch that is made for the iPhone 4/4s and 5 generations. It is also compatible with the i-Pod Touch .It gives your phone a snug ,but comfortable, fit so you are reassured that there is no slipping out ,and it has a Velcro strap that adjustable to the size of your arm. I like the fact that the strap is Velcro;Some armbands just have a buckle to tighten and those can become quite faulty with use .Not to mention sometimes my arm gets pinched by buckle armbands. But with Velcro , I don’t foresee that happening.

I really do enjoy using my Finish It Armband. It’s easy to put on, it’s lightweight,high quality, and like the New England Patriots, these armbands “Do Their Job”. If you are interested in getting one of these great phone armbands for yourself, you can get them on Amazon for a super affordable price.

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