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Tricia’s List “Beauty Pick Of The Week” – Flat Iron Experts



EEEEK !!! TOTALLY Bad Hair Day !!


Ugh! It’s that kind of day. “Bad Hair” day . You know that day… when you wake up and your hair is just all over your head and it feels like , at that very moment, your hair just refuses to do anything to look or act right. I totally despise those days.And my hair looks a HOT MESS ,too . I present to you – Exhibit A- :


Bad Hair day *Tricias-List*


But wait ! I have a “secret weapon”. It’s Flat Iron Experts. Flat iron, you ask? Yes… flat iron. I usually relax my hair to get it to be the texture,smoothness,and straightness that I want it to be,but sometimes I just do not want to continue on processing (or over processing) my hair. So,I turn to other measures,including flat ironing.  Flat Iron Experts (the company) gave me the opportunity to review one of their flat iron products to see how well it would work wit my hair. Here is my 20 minute journey from “bad hair day” to “WERK it, girl” !

I was VERY impressed at the package that was sent to me. It included a
Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1″) a flat iron holder, a Thermal Shine spray,and a macadamia nut conditioner… OOO ,la,la !!

Flat Iron Experts package


    Aye,Caramba !

iphone pics 075

Oh, my goodness ! My hair is sooooo messed up! I mean,do you see that photo?! Well hopefully, with this new Cortex, I can get my hair to look its best without damaging it by over heating. 1st step… getting the flat iron heated.

 Cortex flat iron it took all of 35 second to get the Cortex flat iron heated and ready to go for my hair care,and that was at the second to the highest setting,which is 400 ,I believe.My hair takes a LOT of heat,so I do not recommend that you put your setting on what I use.Set the temperature according to your hair fragility or strength. Here is a photo of the specs of the flat iron,if you would like to study it.


I used the Thermal Shine spray in my hair BEFORE putting heat on it. KQC Thermal Shine Spray is “an ion enriched polishing complex formulated for superior heat protection and ultra gloss hair shine.”Thermal Shine spray

I did not use the Macadamia Nut conditioner during this time because it’s an after shampooing conditioner,but here is what the bottle looks like link to it if you would like to purchase it for yourself Macadamia conditioner. 

You saw the photo posted earlier of my hair right? Well, this is what my hair looks like right after putting KQC Thermal Shine —

Now on to the FUN part … straightening my hair ! I didn’t worry about any over doing of the heat ,either. Sometimes, when I flat iron my hair,I get smoke coming from hair because the heat is up too much (I know… BAAAAD) ! The Cortex flat iron smoothed out my hair and didn’t over heat it at all and NO SMOKE. With my hair being sooooo whacked out and “fluffy”(I term my daughter so eloquently calls it)

,it took me about 20 minutes to get it back into “sexy shape”,but I did it . Here is the end result –            My hair is straighter,softer,and has the shine and sheen to it that I was wanting it to have when I awakened in the morning now,thanks to Flat Iron Experts and the Cortex Solo flat iron !

So,that brings me to my overall judgement. I say that the Cortex Solo is a great flat iron for anyone’s hair. Well maybe not for a younger persons (childs) hair or for a person whose hair can’t take heat at all,but those are just common sense no-nos,right? I love my new flat iron and I especially love the Thermal Shine.It is like a glosser,and hair protectant in one ;you should definitely try it if you get a chance to!

If you have any questions at all regarding the items listed in this review,please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer you..thanks for reading !!!