Free Stuff and Money …And The Sites That Give Them !

Updated December-2-2019

I have had a lot of people ask me , “Where do you get all this free stuff all the time?”  I am going to share with you all of the sites I use to get a lot of great things for free. Yes, you do have to sign up and be an active member in the communities to be chosen , but the payoff is well worth it ! Join one, or all of the sites… and happy freebies !!


I also included sites where you can make money by taking short surveys. These are sites that I use all the time, so they are legitimate ! BEWARE of sites that ask you to pay for numerous things to get points. If you have any questions about sites like these, EMAIL ME  (contact us tab has our email), and I’ll try to help.

USA  PGEveryday is a Proctor & Gamble site, and they sometimes offer freebies and samples for you to try. Visit them here.

Image result for ripplestreet  RippleStreet. Formerly Houseparty, Ripple Street makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends… for FREE!  The website provides the fun and food (sometimes), and you provide your friends and feedback and promise to have an amazing time. I personally have hosted over 32 parties in the span of 5 years.

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Paid Viewpoints is a site that I have been a member of for over 9 years now. It’s a survey site, but the surveys are really short (like, 3 minutes), and you always get paid some sort of money for the time you spend. Go here to sign up!

 There’s More To Choose!


Influenster is a great community where you can get lots of great Vox Boxes… boxes of freebies !  You should definitely try joining this site.It’s invite only ,so you have to get me OR another member give you a link to join. Click the photo to see if I have an invite waiting for you !

Image result for smiley360 Smiley gives AMAZING boxes of Free stuff !  I have received so many awesome things from this site…including SleepNumber items. I am now on the Smiley 360 Panel to help give them more info on what YOU guys want !

  leading destination for earning real rewards through online activities you already do every day. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn Swag Bucks when you: Shop your favorite stores, Search the web, Answer surveys; Discover great deals; Watch videos; or Play games.
Bucks can be redeemed easily for cash or gift cards to your favorite stores. With over 13 million members, this site has awarded over 85 million dollars in real rewards. Always free to join it is the smartest and most rewarding way to spend your time online.

It Just Doesn’t Stop!!


 At instaGC, we put the insta in instant where there is no delay or wait or lost mail. Every single in-stock gift card is instantly received. You are shown the gift card code details directly on your device/screen as you redeem – which can then be used online or printed to use in store. I have made over $480 on this site.



Bear Den Snuggle Bear Den provides great laundry freebies when you join !

iRazoo You can get some great gift cards on this site ! Easy to earn points (just by watching videos and other things). I have earned great CVS and Amazon giftcards (over $120) here as well as gotten PayPal cash.


Some Of My Faves Here!

Pinecone Research LTD tm Do short surveys and get paid $3 for each one you do.This site does not “phase out” participants. Complete 3-10 minute surveys  and then you’re done. Sometimes you even get free samples to try. I have earned probably $800 over the years from this site. Go here to sign up.


  This site used to be in the BZZAgent site.. I have earned over $300 here. MyPoints is a great online rewards programs that lets you earn Points for doing what you already do online, every day! Earn Points when you shop, print coupons, book travel, read emails, and do other everyday things. And with your Points you can redeem for gift cards and much more.

The best part is MyPoints has a sign-up bonus where if you accept my invitation and make a purchase of $20 or more through MyPoints within 90 days, they’ll put $10 worth of Points in both our accounts.


 Ebates is the pioneer of Cash Back Shopping.Ebates/Rakuten is always free and four times a year or more, they mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer.PLUS… they give you a $10 Gift Card OF YOUR CHOICE when you sign up!  I have made $250 cash back so far this year !

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