You Asked For It … Here It Is !

I have been having many readers contact me and ask how they can make some money online. I have a few tips for you coming soon for you all,but to stave you over for the next week or so, here is one that is really easy to do and all you need is a Twitter account. You go to the site, sign up using your Twitter, and then you get opportunities to tweet for companies.



They PAY YOU to tweet ! It’s a very lucrative ,easy job. Kim Kardashian and her sisters even work for this site . You just have to make sure that you have it set up so that you get notifications sent to you ,and respond to the emails to claim your proposals. Below is a screenshot of what I make …simply by tweeting once or twice !

ST online money making

If you are interested in making money by tweeting go to this site ,and sign up. If you have any questions about,please don’t hesitate to ask !