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Get Your “Selfie” Going On … With Looq *Review*



  Looq-y Here ! 

So, how many of you out there are guilty of taking the always trending #Selfie shot with your cell phone camera? Don’t be shy ,raise your hands,lol. I know that I am self portrait photograph addict , and I have quite possibly hundreds of the vanity prone photos spread throughout the Facebook world. Question – Have you ever had a hard time holding the “celly” and posing at the same time ? Or, have you taken the same photo shot time and time again ,only to see the results be blurry or shaky?   How about when you’re out with friends and you want to mark the moment with a group shot ,but there’s no other person around to take the photo, thus opting out one person in the group photo ? Well, there’s a fix for that. It’s called LOOQ.

 What is this … LOOQ ?

Looq is a new device that you can use to effortlessly take your selfies. You can also use the LOOQ to take group photos and not leave anyone out of the picture. How do you do it ? Simple, really. You simply get the Looq wand (it’s like a stick,but I will call it a wand because it’s magic for me) ,attach your camera phone to it, plug the  wired  into the headphone area and you’re all set to take the selfie shot. It really is like magic ! There’s a button at the end of the wand you push when you are ready to photograph. Best of all ,You don’t need to download any apps, read any manuals ,or  have any batteries for the LOOQ. It’s more simple than a “plug N play” device ! 

I had the great opportunity to review the LOOQ for free by the company, and I love mine ! As I mentioned earlier, I take a lot of photos,and the Looq helps out a lot now. For example ,I can now take photos of myself displaying other items without having to find some one else to actually take the shot for me. I can also create videos from my phone and not have the camera so close to my face .  Below are photos of how simple it is to attach the Looq to your phone and how to use it.

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The last picture is me sharing photos that I took using the Looq device.Yes, my phone is attached to the Looq and it almost looks like I am not even taking the photo myself,right? And there are so many different angles I can shoot from now while using Looq. Very impressed by something so simple ,yet so useful in the land of photography . Interested in getting a Looq of your own? Visit their website and order one.If you are an avid camera phone user,like I am, it is well worth it !

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