Getting “Fit” – You’re Doing It Wrong !


Stop The Trend, And Start The Change.

Every year, I hear about,read about, or see people talking about one particular thing – getting fit. It’s a topic that you can bet comes up 365 days a year and it’s a definite go to “New Year’s Resolution” for some people almost every January (companies like Nutrisystem ,Jenny Craig,and Weight Watchers bank on it). Each year, women and men alike  promise to dedicate time ,effort,  and energy to achieving a goal of weight loss, “toning down”, or building up muscle. A few will actually succeed ; Many will try … and unfortunately fail. And, with that failure, comes the question – “Why?”.  Well, here’s a possible answer for you – You’re Doing It Wrong !

doing it wrong

Now, I’m not pointing a finger and bashing anyone with that previous comment. I,too, am guilty of the whole New Year’s “I’m gonna get get skinny” trend.  I can’t even say it’s a trend. It’s more like an expectation in life . But, it happens all the time.  You wake up one day and say , “Hey, I’m fat. I gotta lose weight. Gonna go on a diet.’  BZZZZwrong answer, RPOC !

A “diet” is the first ,and biggest mistake made when deciding to lose weight. You don’t “diet”. Diets themselves are fads, and a new “quick and easy” one pops up every day.  Diets are bad. Diets may help you reach a goal in an allotted time ,but at what cost ? In most diets, the person doing the dieting is more than likely depriving themselves of some kind of nutritional intake . There are no carb diets, all carb diets , veggie diets,and fasting diets, all of which are leaving essential foods that your body not just craves, but needs. The best “diet” is to  EAT.

Your body can lose weight and/or body mass based on your metabolism . Most of the time, what ,when ,and how much you eat will either speed up or slow down your metabolism. And ,most of the time, if you eat the “right foods” ,which is a healthy balance of all the food groups, you can get your metabolism to be at the best speed for your body. This is why diets are not good. When you diet, you are cutting your calories, thus cutting your food and nutrient intake.  This makes your body react in a negative way,and it ends up storing fat instead of burning it. Yes, you may get lighter on the scale, but that is because you are shedding water weight.And once that diet you’re on ends, your weight comes back hard and fast. Really, the best way to try and lose weight is naturally and slowly. Two pounds a week is a great for anyone who isn’t obese,in my opinion. When you eat healthy and give your body the grains,fats, proteins,fruit and vegetables it needs, it will treat you well.  And drink water ! Don’t be afraid of drinking water for fear of water weight gain. Your body needs water;it’s essential for correct digestion of foods and it helps you stay hydrated (who knew?) !

Also , you need to exercise. So many times, people think that there is a magic pill out there on  the shelves that are going to make them skinny. NO ! If you read the labels, the directions indicate that you need some kind of exercise,even if it is a miniscual amount. Exercising is awesome and helps kick start the blood flow and gets your body sending messages throughout to boost that calorie burning metabolism . All it takes is a brisk walk around the neighborhood to get you started;You don’t need to be Ms Olympia to exercise !

At the end of it all, if you want to be truly “Fit”, then take care of your body ,the right way. Eat regularly and healthily ,drink your water ,and exercise. That is truly the best way to get and stay fit.