Glade Wax Melts and PlugIns Scented Oil Customizables – A BzzAgent Review

I'm a participant in this Glade campaign sponsored by BzzAgent !
I’m a participant in this Glade campaign sponsored by BzzAgent !

BzzAgent Does It Again !!

I had a great opportunity to try out the new Glade wax melts and the Plugins this month. I have to say that the house smells wonderful and fresh ..almost like the Spring weather that has yet to arrive here !

When I was selected to be a BzzAgent for the Glade campaign, I was very excited .Heck, I still am excited ! Every time I step into the house,I am greeted by a great fresh scent of sunflowers and/or linen. That smell is from the Scented Oil Customizable Plugins – they are fantastic and the scents last up to 60 days !

I also used the Glade wax melts. I have a few tart melters that I had found at the thrift store, so I was able to put them t good use for this campaign. The scent I chose was Passion Fruit. It’s a pack of 8 wax cubes ,and they are packed with fragrance. One wax melt will fill at least two rooms with luxurious scents that tingle your senses ! I love the fragrance I chose; it smells juicy and much so that I want to call it a flavor, but it’s not,LOL!

If you are wanting an easy way to help freshen up your room or entire house, I would suggest that you give the Glade line a try. They are inexpensive, you can almost always find a coupon for them,and most importantly … they WORK !