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Grow Your Own Lettuce .. It Really Works ! #Green

So … I have been reading around the internet for a month or so about how you can “grow your veggies from scraps” . I read the articles and thought, suuuuuurrreeee … that’ll work . But guess what ? It really DOES work, and you can regrow certain veggies from scraps ! I have been regrowing my lettuce for almost a full week (on day 6 now) and my romaine lettuce has grown so much..and I haven’t even planted it in soil ! It;s very easy to regrow,too. Simply take the bottoms of your used romaine lettuce and put the bottom into a cup with a little water at the bottom. I used a clear plastic cup for my lettuce. Sit the cup and the bottom somewhere that it can get good sunlight,and then just let it grow. Oh, I recommend that you change the water everyday to ensure that the lettuce gets clean water , because that is the only “nutrient” that the lettuce is getting considering it is not planted in a pot. Check out my photos of my newly grown lettuce and then consider doing this little EASY project yourself ! I think that once it grows just a little bit more, I will attempt to pot it and watch it grow that way.OR…I might just eat it ..and the regrow it again ! What a way to be #green and have a delicious side salad… for FREE ! Oh… word is that you also regrow other veggies like celery,green onions,bok choy,and carrot tops in this same fashion …if you’re interested !

Day 1-

regrow your lettuce (3) regrow your lettuce (2)

Day 2 –

regrow your lettuce (4) regrow your lettuce (1)

Day 3 –

regrow your lettuce (7) regrow your lettuce (6)


Day 4-


regrow your lettuce (8) regrow your lettuce (9)


Day 5-



regrow your lettuce (10) regrow your lettuce (11)


Day 6-

regrow your lettuce (12) regrow your lettuce (5)