Hydration Perfected – Essentia Water Review

Bottled water . You can get it anywhere with almost any name to it. That water that is “smart”, that water from the mounts of Fiji,even the water that is from geysers or French water . It’s crazy, I know.

I used to think that water was water …was water . But over the years , I have noticed how the tastes of waters have began to differ. I would attribute it to the different places I had lived .. “Washington water taste different that Texas water due the soils ” etc,etc. But the reality of it was,no is, water is being purified more.. better. Essentia Water is proof of that.

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I have been working with Essentia Water for a little while now,and I have to say, I LOVE the water. It tastes fresher to me . Fresher than other bottled waters . And, I never feel a need to add a flavoring to Essentia; I don’t even need to have the water cold for it to taste really good. Maybe it has something to do with the way Essentia is processed.

Here’s how they do it:

What does this mean for you and me ? “Most bottled waters offer purity but not additional benefits. With Essentia, you get added electrolytes as well as a higher pH, creating an alkaline hydrating water that supports optimal health and performance.”


What that means for me and you is ..better tasting water that actually has a health benefit to it. I cannot stress how much I enjoy drinking Essentia Water. In the past 3 days,I have drank so much more water than I usually do and I believe it is because Essentia satisfies my system when it comes to hydration. I can definitely say that some water does make a difference… Essentia does. If you are interested in trying this for yourself, you can . They are available on their online site ,Amazon , or you can use the store locator to see if the brand is sold at your local store .