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“Immaculate” Baking … One Of The Best (& Tastiest) Way To Bake !

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If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a lover of food. It doesn’t matter what it is really. If it tastes good and is not going to hurt my digestive system, I am so there. Nowadays , there are more foods out there that are delicious AND healthy . That makes me happy and more than willing to give my family what the want ..which includes sweet treats and desserts. Some of those desserts come courtesy of a yummy brand called Immaculate Baking .

I had the super opportunity to prepare some desserts from the company brand (as part of a review) , and I want to share the delicious results with you. I have never used Immaculate Baking before,but I have the brand at my local Safeway grocery store. The brand is a little on the pricey side,but I think it is well worth it for the quality that you get.

When I received my package ,it included 4 mixes,one of the which was a gluten-free mix. Already impressed..that was me. I like when brands offer options like that. I am not intolerant to gluten, but I know that some people are.


Once we (my daughter and I ) opened the delivered package,we chose a dessert to make up for the day; We chose the brownies. Easy to mix up and didn’t take a lot of time to do it.Immaculate Baking  - TriciasList (6) Immaculate Baking  - TriciasList (4)

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One thing I noticed while mixing the ingredients … the mix is a lot thicker than the “normal” type of mixes and batters that I am used to. I just seems to be heavier … creamier ,with more substance to it. Putting the batter together I was thinking, “One brownie is definitely gonna do me in”. Take a peek at the photos below to see what I mean:

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I would say that the total time including prep and baking was about 30 minutes,and the result ? OM Goooood !!  The brownies smelled delicious, and I baked them to perfection.. soft and moist , not too “cakey”,and the edges had a great crisp to it. I think that I will be adding Immaculate Bakery to my monthly treat list …but it will be in the splurge side; these desserts are truly decadent !

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