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INfluenster J’Adore Voxbox – Oo La La !



Hi, Everyone !

Yesterday , I received a long awaited package. It was my newest #Voxbox from Influenster ! If you haven’t heard of them, here’s what they are. Influenster is a cool online community and men and women who ,from time to time, get amazing packages called “Voxboxes”. The boxes are packed with new products from various companies who want to know YOUR opinion about their product. They want an honest opinion,too, so whether the products you get are great or “just blah”, let your voice be known about it. Influenster is your chance to be the mouthpiece for what’s new and poppin’ in the consumer world today !

With all that being said and out of the way now, I want to tell you a little about my new Voxbox. It’s called the J’Adore Voxbox, and “oooo la la” , do I ever Adore it ! It’s is stuffed with Hershey Kisses, teas from Red Rose, John Frieda FrizzEase , Botanics ionic clay mask, Vaseline skin hydration products,and I get to play with lashes ,thanks to the Kiss “Looks So Natural” lashes included ! Here’s a few photos of the goodie box –


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I can’t wait to be able to try out all of the new gifts I have. I’ll be writing about them all and including photos of my voxbox discoveries.  Influenster … J’Adore !!